– Impeachment Of EC Chair

…As a statement by the Director of Communication at the Office of the Presidency proves quite revealing!

The posture of President Nana Akufo-Addo on the petition to impeach the Chairperson of the Electoral Commission is giving off vibes that he is acting together with the petitioners in a cloak-and-dagger plot.

Impressions that the Flagstaff House is involved in what is seen as a little dirty espionage against Mrs. Charlotte Osei were invigorated yesterday when, against expectations, it was announced that the President had forwarded the petition to the Chief Justice.

A statement by the Director of Communication at the Office of the Presidency, which said the President had done so in line with directives in Article 146 (3) of the 1992 Constitution, underscored that the President has had a tryst with the unnamed petitioners.

The statement also reeked of hints that Flagstaff House had actually coached the petitioners to rehabilitate what in the beginning was clearly seen as an incompetent petition.

“Whilst the President was out of the country, the Office of the President received a petition, initially undated and unsigned, against the Chairperson of the EC. Subsequently, counsel, Maxwell Opoku Agyemang, Esq., by letter dated July 20, 2017, wrote to the Office of the President setting out the names of the petitioners and the date of the petition,” the statement said.

In other words, an earlier version of the petition did not carry the names of the petitioners, which were added to the petition as an afterthought, and the names of those petitioners are now known by the President.

Interestingly, as at the time of going to press, Mrs. Charlotte Osei did not know who the petitioners were, after Mr. Maxwell Opoku Agyemang, the lawyer for the petitioners, had earlier refused to furnish their names to her, upon request.

Mrs. Osei has since sued Maxwell Opoku Agyemang in court for defamation on basis of him fronting for the petitioners who have remained incognito to her and the public.

The interesting situation, therefore, is that, while Mrs. Charlotte Osei, the EC Chairperson, against whom a petition has been made does not know who the petitioners are, the President of the Republic of Ghana knows who they are and has, on the basis of his suspected tryst with the petitioners, kick-started possible impeachment processes.

The unbelievable development is seen to be a confirmation of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC)’s revelation, just a little over a week ago, that the whole petition was masterminded by the NPP government.

According to the import of the NDC’s allegation, Lawyer Maxwell Opoku Agyemang and the petitioners, who are so far only known by the Presidency and the petitioners’ lawyers, are just puppets that are being remote-controlled from the Flagstaff House.

Some observers have not failed to dot lines between the government’s intent to get the Representation of People’s Amendment Law (ROPAL) implemented in the 2020 elections, and the effort to remove Charlotte Osei from office.

However, the NDC has long served notice to government that the removal of Charlotte Osei will be fiercely resisted.

Ghana was shocked last Thursday when a 27-point petition, containing allegations of misconduct against the EC Chair emerged.

The petition, which was to trigger the full impeachment processes under Article 146 of the Constitution, partly described the EC Chair as incompetent, corrupt, fraudulent and autocratic.

Signed by private legal practitioner, Maxwell Opoku Agyemang, the petition stated, among others, that the Chairperson of the Commission in many instances breached the Procurement Law in procuring goods and services for the commission.

In what the petitioners claim to be a one-woman show, Charlotte Osei was alleged to have unilaterally and without recourse to procurement procedures engaged the services of lawyers, Sory@Law, who represented the commission in the pre-election legal banter with aggrieved parties and disqualified flag bearers.

She was also alleged to have abrogated an existing contract with Super Tech Ltd. (STL), unilaterally renegotiating and re-awarding the contract at the new sum of $21,999,592 without serious regard to the tender processes.

“The chairperson, Mrs. Osei, unilaterally awarded a contract of about $25,000 to a South African company Quazar Limited to change and re-develop the Commission’s Logo under the guise of rebranding without going through tender contrary to the Public Procurement Act,” Point 26 of the petition read.

Interestingly, in spite of the grave nature of the allegation, the petitioners remain incognito, having petitioned under the amorphous labeling – Concerned Staff of the Electoral Commission.

Events took on a different twist when Mrs. Osei responded to the allegation with a 28-point counter which indicated that, as a new Commissioner, she is trying to cleanse the Commission of endemic corruption against the pleasure of forces of the status quo who stand to lose an opportune avenue for personal enrichment.

The response by the EC Commissioner triggered further allegations against her by two of her deputies, Georgina Opoku Amankwaa and Amadu Sulley.

In the heat of the ding-dong, Mrs. Osei sued Lawyer Maxwell Opoku Agyemang for defamation after the lawyer had been unable to produce the names of the petitioners who had impugned impropriety on her.

It is as the case against the lawyer for the faceless petitioners is just making it to court that the Presidency has revealed that the petitioners have secretly revealed themselves to the President.

Many are wondering if the revelation to the President was like the way Angel Gabriel appeared to Mary in the Bible.

Shockingly, Flagstaff House’ own statement on the development confirms that the revelation of persona to the President is an afterthought after the earlier petition had had no known petitioners.

Flagstaff House says it has since forwarded the petition to the Chief Justice.



Source: Fiifi Samuels

The Republic News Online

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