Stop the Insatiable  Lies on 2016 Arrears–Avedzi tells Bawumia

Deputy  Minority Leader in Parliament, Dr James Avedzi has taken swipe at Vice President Dr Mohammud Bawumis for his insatiable habit of lies to confuse the dissenting public of the state if the nation ecomic growth.

According to the Deputy Minority Leader, the claims made by the Vice President of the Republic, at the 69th New Year School to the effect that government has met the fiscal deficit target for the year 2017, was not only inaccurate but naked lies to deceive the Ghanaian public.

Speaking to THE REPUBLIC, Dr Avedzi pointed out  there were some inconsistencies in the Vice President claims and must be expose.

He said, the Minority could recall that when the NPP government presented the 2017 Budget Statement to Parliament in March 2017, it added Ghc7 billion to the arrears figure for 2016 which resulted in a deficit of 6.5 percent.

The Minority, Avedzi said, issued a statement to explain the difference between Commitments and Arrears and what data should be included in the Arrears as Ghana moves towards the accrual accounting system.

He said, strangely but not surprising, Dr Bawumia and the NPP government appear to have  downplayed the explanation and keep revising their GHC7 billion downwards from the 2017 Mid-Year Review, nothing, “the Vice President and government now claim it is GHC3.1 billion.”

Without admitting, the Deputy Minority Leader argued that, granted that the figure is GHC3.1 billion and not Ghc7 billion as initially claimed, what stop theVice President not to revise the 2016 budget deficit of 6.5 percent downwards by the difference of almost GHC4 billion?

Further, the Deputy  Minority Leader questioned why Dr Bawumia mislead  the New Year School, an august tradition, that the deficit remained the same at 6.5 percent at the end of 2016.

He said, the obvious answer to the insatiable lies was the fact that, “the Vice President as usual is manipulating figures with the view to distort the true picture of the economy to Ghanaians, in the same way he held the end-debt of 2008 figure down at an exchange rate of GHC1=US $1 for the NPP but used a floating rate for the NDC figures.”

Dr Avedzi added that, the Vice President gained the notoriety of lies for filing or refusing to tell the Ghanaian public the full extent of arrears at end-2017.

These arrears he said, included those owed  to Schools for free SHS if the 2016  method was anything to applied  and called on the Vice President to rendered an unqualified apology to Ghanaians and for once tell the people the truth.

He noted that failure to retract and apologise to Ghanaian would reaffirm the Minority position that the NPP government is a descriptive and rule by deception to retain power.



Source: Enggsalige Nyaaba

The Republic News Online

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