Stop Paying Zoomlion For Hoax Services – Namoale

Nii Amasa Namoale, former Deputy Agriculture Minister and Member of Parliament for La Dadekotopon Constituency in the Greater Accra Region, has agitated that Zoomlion should not be paid for offering hoax services in Accra.

Nii Amasa said government pays the District Assembly Sanitation Common Funds to the Zoomlion, yet they do not offer the required services to merit the pay.

This huge fund, he said, when given to the beneficiary District Assemblies, could resource them with the necessary facilities to manage their own waste in their areas under pragmatic supervision.

He added that the equipment needed for the job could be procured for the Assemblies to enable them to run their waste management so as to keep the cities cleaner than what the Zoomlion claimed doing currently.

The three-term former La Dadekotopon MP, speaking on one of the private television stations in Accra, over the weekend, said Zoomlion failed to offer the people of the La Municipal Assembly diligent services after they had taken their money and followed with flimsy excuses.

He explained that it takes Zoomlion weeks or months to lift their full garbage or refuse containers for disposal, and this further pollutes the environment with litter, especially the open gutters around the areas where these refuse containers are placed.

“At times, when I am in my vehicle around my constituency, I see filth all over the place, meanwhile Zoomlion was paid hugely to keep the municipality clean,” he further cited.

“In fact, I don’t want to hear the name Zoomlion mentioned wherever I am,” the former MP charged angrily,  hinted that Madam Rita Odoley Sowah, the former  municipal chief executive of La Dadekotopon, mostly chased the Zoomlion Company to perform their paid duties in the municipality.

Hon. Namoale revealed that Madam Odoley Sowah gets more irritated when she was unable to go after Zoomlion to do their daily work when the whole place gets dirty due to her busy schedules in her office.

To this end, the former MP has reiterated the government gives the Assemblies their sanitation funds to enable them to run their own waste management under strong supervision, with necessary resources and logistics.





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