Spio Eyes NDC 2020 Presidential Slot

…As he rallies support to fix party

Dr. Ekwow Spio-Garbrah, the former Trade and Industry Minister, has debunked assertion which suggests that he will not contest the folr the flagbearer position of the National Democratic Congress, come 2020, should the former president, John  Dramani Mahama, expresses interest to lead the party again.

According to him, he has not made any such comments with regard to not having an interest in contesting for the flagbearer position of the NDC and blamed the Ghanaian media for misrepresenting and twisting the facts.

Speaking during an interview monitored by the paper on the Accra- based Okay Fm, the former International Telecommunication Union boss, revealed that he has always maintained and wished that all aspiring candidates who want to contest in the upcoming NDC presidential election, when nominations are officially opened, should first offer the former president Mahama what he terms the protocol courtesies which allow the President Mahama “ the right of first refusal” before anyone else can then openly declare his or her intention to contest in the upcoming party election.

“All I have said is that former President Mahama is the leader of our party and President of Ghana, as well, so for those who want to contest for the flagbearer position of the party it would be nice and exciting from the courtesy or protocol point of view to offer him the right of first refusal; which means that we should give him the opportunity for himself to come out to state that I’m not contesting this position again or not. And this is what I said on Radio XYZ that even if he said would be contesting I still believe that there would be some who would also come out to contest and show themselves to delegates.”

Dr. Spio-Garbrah likened the current condition of NDC, the largest opposition party in the country, to an accident vehicle parked on cement blocks at a mechanic shop waiting for repair.

He said sometimes the repairing of the vehicle could take some weeks or even a year and after the repairs are done and the vehicle is brought into the right condition then the move to look for a competent driver to drive the vehicle becomes the next option.

“The situation in our party is really one of building the party and letting it recover from a very severe electoral loss. It is just like driving a very good car and the car has an accident and it needs to be fixed so the first thing you want to do is take it to the mechanic and let the electricians do their work, check the transmission, take care of the brakes, the shock absorbers, then when the car is in a good condition almost any driver can drive it and potentially bring it to the victory line.  If the car has broken down and you put the best driver in the car, the car cannot move and the car will certainly not win a race, so our concentration now is to help the Kwesi Botchwey Committee and the party secretariat.”

He strongly believes that instead of concentrating on who is going to lead the NDC now, it would be appropriate for all members to focus their attentions and energies to revive the various structures of the party so as to make it a vibrant party come the year 2020.

“I have never said it anywhere that I am interested in contesting or not contesting. I have not said anything like that, I know some people are taking what I said during that interview and turning it in their own way to suit them,” he reiterated.



Source: therepublicnewsonline.com 

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