Special Coverage Of ‘Exercise Starlight Stretch’

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Day 3 – Withdrawal

After careful study by HICON of the general Situation Report of the war so far between the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) and their neighbouring aggressor forces, the war commanders noticed that aggressor was trying to encircle the GAF Combat Team at their main defensive position, thus an immediate withdrawal of 4 kilometers was ordered.

For that reason, all three sections under each of the three platoons under the Combat Team, was given orders via a model, variously, withdrawal strategy rehearsed and action commenced afterwards.

Captain Rachel Nana Agyemang Demanya, a medical doctor, who was a platoon commander, excelled in the issuing of orders to her troops and stood out for high mention by her superiors.

With an eagle’s eye on any visible movement by the GAF Combat Team, aggressor quickly sent three platoons to ambush them and when the battle ensued, aggressor caused huge losses to life and vehicles, however, the GAF troops broke through the ambush to establish a new defensive position.

At their new main defensive positions quickly taken after the ambush, the GAF Combat Team occupied an uncompleted single-storey building but had to vacate it as the aggressor forces piled a lot of pressure, to rid the building of the GAF forces.

The loyal Ghanaian forces then took defensive positions in a chain of uncompleted buildings; however, they could not maintain those positions either, hence forcing them to flee, howbeit orderly, deeply into the savannah vegetations, one more time.

Aggressor, after leaving a few troops to occupy newly-taken positions, hotly pursued after the GAF Combatants and took 10 of them for prisoners of war (POWs), however, the only lady among the POWs, Private Takyiwaa, fought her way out and escaped successfully to rejoin her section, albeit with a price; for in her bid to free herself, the butt of her RPG weapon, hit her in the face, badly splitting her upper lip.

The Combat Team commander called for Casualty Evacuation (CASEVAC) and the ambulance appeared promptly, administered First Aid, stitched her up and later on sent her to the Military Hospital, to help save the situation.

Meanwhile, aggressor forces were able to detain the driver and vehicle of the CO 2BN – as the CO himself was with a section of the troops – they searched and seized a map and other sensitive materials in the vehicle.

When the Second-in-Command (2-I-C) to the CO, Major Eric Ametame, aka “Dzita Amenyaglo – to wit from the hometown of cat-eaters,” attempted a counter-attack to rescue the seized vehicle, he was swiftly repelled and had to abandon the ambition and quickly rejoin the GAF combat team for his life.

But for support provided by 66 Artillery, firing constantly to keep the distance between the rear of the GAF forces and their adversaries, the aggressor’s pursuit could have been too close for comfort.

The United Nations (UN) stepped in as an intermediary and successfully negotiated for the release of the POWs, who were subsequently released to the GAF HICON at dusk, the same day.

HICON of GAF Combat Team worked through the night to plot a counterattack to retake all lost grounds, the next day, as aggressor forces also called for reinforcements to help fortify their newly acquired grounds.

Stay tuned for DAY 4 of ‘Exercise Starlight Stretch’ and let us see what happens.


Source: therepublicnewsonline.com/Kofi Ampeah-Woode, Ningo Plains

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