South Dayi NPP Boils Over DCE Nominee  

– Chiefs, Invincible Forces, Youth Petition Nana Addo

Information picked by The Republic has revealed that some chiefs, as well as the Volta Regional branch of the Invincible Forces of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP), have joined forces with  some angry youth of the party in the South Dayi District to protest over the systematic rejection of Ms Vera  Ella Boateng, the President’s nominee, to serve as District Chief Executive (DCE).

The three bodies, in concurrent petitions to the President, want the President’s nominee to be confirmed as DCE for the area.

The endorsement of Ms Boateng as DCE, the petitioners said, would not only inure to the gains of the NPP, but all the entire people in the district, as she is known for her capability to lead the people on behalf of the President.

In copies intercepted by this paper and dated 2nd and 5th September, 2017,  respectively, the petitioners are also accusing one Ernest Patrick Mallet, of alleged covert role, leading to the continued rejection of the President’s DCE nominee by the assembly members on three consecutive times.

Ms Boateng, the petitioners noted, was nominated by the President  as DCE for South Dayi District, but through some underhand dealings by Patrick Mallet, who is said to have interest in the post, and others they described as “greedy constituency executives” of the NPP, the President’s nominee never got confirmed.

Patrick Mallet, they alleged, is seriously lobbying to be nominated by the President for the DCE position, hence his effort to frustrate the process to his benefit.

He is alleged to have covertly dished out monies between GHc3,000 and GHc10,000 for the Presiding Member (PM)  and each of  the assembly members respectively to vote against Ms Boateng.

“It has now become abundantly clear that the man in the person of Mr. Ernest Patrick Kojo Mallet who masterminded and torpedoed Madam Ella Boateng’s bid to become the DCE of South Dayi is after all highly interested in this position from the very onset but pretended and worked very hard against Madam Ella Boateng becoming DCE of South Dayi in the Volta Region,” the petitioners alleged.

The Invincible Force, led by their commander, Jackwin Quofi Jnr, alias Commander-Jack,  stated, “We write to plead with you, H.E. Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo , the President of the Republic of Ghana, to not consider Mr. Ernest Patrick Kojo Mallet for nomination as the District Chief Executive for the South Dayi District.”

“Our reasons are as a result of his actions towards the earlier nominee, Madam Ella Boateng, and his subsequent utterances after her rejection,” portions of the Invincible Force petition further read.

Again, the angry youth that tagged themselves as “Concerned Party Faithful,” on their part, also alleged that, “before nomination was opened for interested people to apply for appointment to the position, Mr. Mallet was persuaded to come out so the party can support him.”

They explained that Mallet turned down the offer with a reason that he works for GTZ and his pay was enough for him more than him becoming “a village DCE,” stressing all a sudden, “when everyone else was done with application, he (Mallet) sneaked himself in when he found out about the number of people who have shown interest.”

The petitioners alleged that Mallet succeeded in sneaking his application in and was duly admitted and vetted along with all other applicants, but upon realizing that he would not get the nod, he started encouraging the assembly members to reject any other presidential nominee in the event that his bid was not successful.

“Mr. Mallet conspired with some of the South Dayi NPP executives, led by their defunct and corrupt chairman, Mr. Freeman Ameyibor, who also failed in his attempt for the same position, with similar agenda and with their evil instinct at play, diffused the mind of Assembly members to vote against (Ms Ella) the President’s nominee,” the Concerned Party Faithful alleged in their petition.

Both petitioners also accused Mr. Mallet of conniving with some members of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), including the former Member of Parliament (MP), Mr. Simon Edem Asimah, to frustrate the confirmation process.

“Not satisfied with the damage and the disgrace caused to the NPP, Mr. Mallet teamed up with the former incompetent and corrupt Member of Parliament, Mr. Simon Edem Asimah, to further deepen the situation.”

“There is a hidden conspiracy between Mr. Mallet and Mr. Simon Eden Asimah, which is gaining lot of grounds in the District. Mr. Asimah was part of the people who have sponsored the first three South Dayi DCE rejections so as to allow Mr. Mallet to succeed for him (Mr. Mallet) to cover up for most of his corrupt activities, if not all,”they further alleged.

The petitioners revealed that, “Cash sponsorship between Two Thousand to Three Thousand Ghana cedis was given to these Hon. Members with the big agenda to bring disgrace to Madam Ella, H. E. Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and the NPP.”

They averred that the  actions of  Mr. Mallet against Ella Boateng were fuelled by a disgruntled chief in the area, in conjunction with and others, arguing that the action is not only gross disrespect to the President, but detrimental to the economic development, and warned Mallet and his cohorts to stop lobbying the Presidency for the DCE position.

They however warned the party hierarchy against any attempt to nominate Mr. Mallet, describing him as destruction to the support base of the party in the district, region and country as a whole.

“We wish to remind the top hierarchy of the N.P.P that, it would be suicidal and a drawback for the smooth administration and development of the party in the South Dayi District if Mr. Mallet Patrick Kojo, a seemingly disloyal party faithful, an arrogant, disrespectful and corrupt-minded person is nominated as D.C.E,” the NPP Youth warned.

The petition has been copied to the Chief of Staff, the Minister of Local Government and Rural Development and the Volta Regional Minister.

They  noted that, for development to trickle to the people of the South Dayi District, it would  be prudent for the President to up on his prerogative powers and appoint Ms Ella Boateng to act as DCE or re-nominate her the third time, assuring that, “we will ensure her acceptance this time round. It is legal. We need our able Ella Boateng at South Dayi.”

Effort made by this paper to reach Mr. Patrick Mallet, Ms Vera Ella Boateng, or Mr. Simon Edem Asimah to hear their side proved unsuccessful.



Source: Felix Engsalige Nyaaba

The Republic News Online

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