Shikitele promises new canteen for La PRESEC

Story: Delali A. AwuyehNii Adjei Koofeh IV, Shikitele of the La traditional area, has promised to construct a new canteen for the La Presbyterian Senior High School (PRESEC).

As the supreme head of Nmati Abonase and board member of the school, the Shikitele said he was not happy when one day he saw the students busily eating their lunch in an open space.

In view of this, he deemed it necessary to construct a new canteen which could also contain the food vendors for the school.

The supreme head of Nmati Abonase reiterated this promise when he granted this paper an interview after the launch of a weeklong 5th anniversary of his installment in La.

He charged everyone in La to help in diverse ways in the education of the La youth, so as to continue to project the traditional area.

According to him, La needs many developments, hence his appeal to the people to help contribute in developing the area.

Nii Nmati Abonase also implored the people to learn to keep their surroundings or environment clean to appear healthy order not to go wasting their little finance to access healthcare.

Also, he called on his people not to joke with their children’s education because that is what could contribute immensely to the development of the La traditional area, as well as their individual families, as a whole.

The launch revealed that Nii Adjei Koofeh, IV, believes in probity and accountability of stewardship, hence, he urged everybody, be it in leadership position or family head or as a person to be accountable “for what is entrusted to you.”

He prayed to God for things to go well under his stewardship in his area for all to see his good work for the people of Nmati Abonase and entire La.

As part of the programme to commemorate this 5th Anniversary of Nii Adjei Koofeh IV, La Shikitele, on July 29 there would be the ground durbar at the International Trade Fair Centre at La, in Accra; after marking various events including health walk of which Nii Koofeh IV would be part.

Source: A. Awuyeh

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