Send Special Needs Children to School – Dzifa Gomashie

Former deputy Minister of Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts, Madam Abla Dzifa Gomashie has pleaded with parents in the Ketu South Municipality and other parts of Ghana to send their autistics children ( all Special Needs Children) also to school to acquire knowledge.
According to her, some of such individuals that she is familiar with are into beads making, ICT, modeling among others; and stated that there are so many other job opportunities for them rather than allowing them to stay at home.
She was speaking at a five day Autism Aid App Tour held at the Denu Chicago Basic School.
The program Autism Aid App Tour is a community outreach initiative by the Autism Ambassadors of Ghana and her NGO – Values for life, VFL- GHANA to support children with special needs at the Denu Chicago Basic School.
The 5 days programme saw activities such as renovation of the classroom building, provision of teaching and learning materials, training of parents and teachers on how to handle the kids in school and at home.
Madam Gomashie observed that her call will motivate parents to send their kids to school. If the number of the students increase, the government will see to their needs and make it more attractive since it was the country’s policy.
This will help these kids to develop their talent.
She added that as an organization, they have been able to renovate the school, train teachers, train parents, embarked on awareness creation particularly in churches, as well as on radio shows.
Also, they provided them with some teaching and learning materials and some number of tables.
The founder of Autism Ambassadors of Ghana, Alice Akosua Mamaga and her team before the  handing over,  took the students through some classroom Activities.
She reiterated their commitment to send volunteers twice every month to assist the staff.
The headmaster of the school, Wisdom Dey Kodorwu urged VFL – Ghana and community members to come to their aid for the betterment of the school.
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