Sam George Worried

…Says ‘Discharge Delta Force 8 Could Trigger Crime Rate Increase’

Hon. Samuel Nartey George, Member of Parliament (MP) for Ningo-Prampram in the Greater Accra Region, has expressed fear of crime rate increase in the country, as the office of the Attorney General failed to prosecute members of the Delta Force.

According to him, the decision of the AG to enter a nolle prosequi in the infamous Delta Force court invasion scandal is bias and capricious and has the potential of opening the flood-gates for similar and worst form of activities.

Last Wednesday, May 17, news broke that the Attorney General had dropped its case against eight members of pro-New Patriotic Party (NPP) vigilante group, the Delta Force, who allegedly stormed the Kumasi Circuit Court and freed some of their members who were standing trial.

The police prosecution, led by ACP Okyere Darko, told the court the Attorney General, Gloria Akuffo, had instructed the prosecution to stop pursuing the matter because they had insufficient evidence against the accused persons.

As the result, the presiding judge, Ms Patricia Amponsah, unconditionally discharged the accused and dismissed the case.

But in an interview with The Republic, over the weekend, Mr. Sam George said the decision of the AG on the matter was not only a slap on the face of justice, but posed serious security implications as it emboldens more of such crime to be perpetrated in the country.

In the view of the Ningo-Prampram legislator, the dropping of prosecution case against the thugs for illegally storming the court and freeing their members simply indicated that, under the NPP government, crime is justified so far it is committed in the interest of the party.

He said his fear was that the crime rate in the country could increase, stemming from the fact that, leaders of the Delta Force have come out publicly to state that, their members have since increased from 4,000 to 7,000 in number, and still counting.

Sam George argued that, the AG’s decision on the Delta Force prosecution is evidence of a government pandering to partisan pressure at the cost of justice delivery and respect for the rule of law.

He said judging from series of events leading to the entering of the nolle prosequi, it is evidently clear that any criminal, armed robber or fraudster, who wants to perpetrate such nefarious activities in society, just have to join either of these forces, the Delta and Invincible forces.

“The issue of the Delta Force is worrying; in fact, as a nation we must be very worried, if care is not taking. We will wake up one day and these Delta forces and their other vigilante groups throw this nation into chaos.”

“One more issue that I am much worried about is that the leader of this Delta Force is heard on  radio interview,  saying that their number has increased from 4,000 to7,000 and still counting. These groups could be safe grounds for criminals and what they have to do when arrested is to mention that they are members of Delta Force,” he asserted.

He argued that, there are instances were some unidentified persons, claiming to be government taskforce men charged to collect vehicles, attacking former government appointees.

Further, the Ningo-Prampram MP stated, the action and inactions of some politicians in the governing party indicate they are the brains behind the Delta Force and their activities, adding such utterances simply reinforce their avowed support for criminality so far it stands to benefit them wholly by what he described as “hoodlums.”

While dismissing the comparison of Montie 3 to the Delta Force action, Mr. Sam George said there was no need for such analysis, because in the case of the Montie 3, the culprits rendered an unqualified apology, yet they were sent to prison, but such cannot be said of the Delta Force, adding that, “this can undermine the independence of the judiciary.”

He further reminded the President, Nana Akufo-Addo, of  his commitment to the rule of law, stressing, the President must demonstrate leadership and uphold the rule of law,  else if the situation continues it would inform that he is not in charge.

“The arguments that there are no sufficient evidence to prosecute were not correct because there was a video that went viral on the social media and the accused persons could easily be identified. The judge, Mary Sankyire, who was insulted and intimidated by the “hoodlums,”is alive, the police and the journalists who were in court are very alive,” Sam George said.

The President, Sam George said, must discharge his responsibility and ensure that they are rearrested to face prosecution, noting that their activities do not only pose insecurity, but also tarnish the nation’s image in the larger society.

He said, for the first time in 60 years of Ghana’s independence, the United Nations (UN) issued a stern warning against the country on political instability and insecurity and that this issue ought not to be handled in the manner it has been.

The eight members of Delta Force were standing trial for allegedly storming the court premises earlier this year to free 13 of their members who were charged with conspiracy to assault for vandalising property at the Ashanti Regional Coordinating Council and assaulting the Regional Security Coordinator because they were against his appointment.



Source: Felix Engsalige Nyaaba    

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