Ruttchen Trucks is brain behind mandatory towing, ex-NRSC Boss reveals

Ruttchen Trucks, Ghana is the brain behind the idea of mandatory towing of broken-down vehicles from our roads and not Zoomlion’s Road Transport Management Services Ltd (RSMS) or any other organization, as many people have been made to believe.

Mr. Joshua Clifford Aboagye, a former chairman of the National Road Safety Commission (NRSC), made the disclosure at a press conference in Accra yesterday.

He noted that there is  a lot of controversy surrounding the Mandatory Towing Concept which has generated debates in the media and elsewhere.

He said Ruttchen Trucks Ghana Ltd (RTG) of which he is a member, is a Ghanaian company with reverence for the truth and loyalty to the good people of Ghana.

Mr. Aboagye continued that the company upholds the tenets of the courts which are firmly premised on the truth and nothing but the truth.

He stressed that due to the foregoing principles that the company upholds for all these years, they abhor the deliberate machinations of some persons or companies to milk unsuspecting Ghanaians as in equal measure, steal the brainchild of the RTG.

Mr. Aboagye noted that it is worthwhile to give to what belongs to Caesar to Caesar and to God what belongs to God, adding that RTG has noticed with great concern the public outcry over the impending Mandatory Towing Concept in Ghana and wishes to bring to the fore the following issues.

Firstly, Mr. Aboagye stressed that contrary to claims by some Service Providers as owners of the concept, RTG, as documented by the National Road Safety Commission and the Ministry of Transport, conceived, initiated and presented valid documents in respect of the project, pending a Legislative Instrument for nation-wide take off in 2008.

He also emphasized that Road Safety Management Services Ltd., [RSMSL] did not conceive or initiate the road towing project and that it still remains a wonder why  an alleged stolen concept would be attributed to a wrong claimant who is even threatening to receive a judgment debt if they are not given the project as earlier agreed in a contract.

Mr. Aboagye noted that the mandatory towing, as proposed by RTG, was not designed to extort money from the unsuspecting public as upwardly adjusted by same service provider who allegedly took the concept to be theirs when in fact it is a project initiated by RTG to provide valuable and vital services for road users at large.

He further hinted that, as at 2008, RTG, as documented by the authorities to do the mandatory towing of broken-down vehicles on our roads to avoid accidents, had procured over 60 pieces of land nationwide and procured towing vehicles with the core objective of implementing the project, stressing that at that time there was no record of, neither was there the existence of any such company with the idea, capacity and capability of implementing the project.

He noted that the project phases by the RTG comprises a proposal to the MTTD, then to NRSC and finally to the government, during the tenure of former President John Agyekum Kufuor.

He explained further that the government then set up a committee in February, 2008 to evaluate the proposals received from the RTG in 2007.

Mr. Aboagye averred that after the work of the said committee, RTG was asked to provide voluntary Towing Services on tow-and-collect basis, explaining further that, they were later allowed to do the mandatory towing when the legal framework had been put in place.

He noted that, the NRSC made it clear to RTG in 2009 that Mandatory Towing was going to be initiated based on the concept of RTG, adding that after receipt and acknowledgement of RTG‘s concept on the mandatory towing that that the NRSC invited companies to bring proposals in the year 2009, explaining that even then Road Safety Management Services – Zoomlion – was not one of the companies.

He noted that, in March 2009, after a satisfactory report on the issue from the then Minister of Transport, Hon. Mike Hammah, RTG was assured of amendment of the Towing Law so that, together with five other companies, namely Sarkozy, Traffic Management Signs and Systems, Day and Night Towing Services, Abu and Serwaa Katakyie Company and Umarib Ghana to do mandatory towing.

He said RTG and Ghanaians believe authorities are hiding behind the payment of Judgment Debt in support of unfair takeover of the Mandatory Towing which is intellectual Property of RTG, and yet allegedly taken by RSMSL of Zoomlion with full support of NRSC and the Ministry of Transport.

Mr. Aboagye noted that mandatory towing is not practiced anywhere in the world, emphasizing that it is a system initiated by a Ghanaian company to meet the requirement of the beneficiaries and duly documented by the appropriate institutions in the name of RTG.

Mr. Aboagye noted that the claims by RSMSL and its associated high levy on Ghanaians should be treated with the contempt it deserves and follow the due processes, for RTG to be given its rightful project to implement and also to attend to accident victims on the spot among other human-centered services.




Source: Kwabena Odae      

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