Resist Akufo-Addo Government lawless behavior of impunity – ABA Fuseini                               

The chairman of the Minority Communication Committee in parliament, Alhaji A.B.A. Fuseini, has chastised the Akufo-Addo government for failing to prosecute lawless elements within its ranks and asked Ghanaians to stand up against such actions.

He believes that such an unwilling behavior on the part of the government to punish its members who flout the laws of the country goes a long way not only to entrench the culture of impunity, but also undermine the course of the delivery of justice and the fundamental human right and freedom of Ghana.

“The president cannot put the interest of the NPP people above the interest of Ghanaians. He swore an oath to protect every member of this community called Ghana and so it is not up to the NPP government that any time anything wrong happens to an NPP person they put aside the law so that the NPP people can have a field day to cause lawlessness across the length and breadth of this country,” he contended.

Alhaji Fuseini, who is also the Member of Parliament for Sagnarigu constituency, said this during an interview with this paper following a ruling by a Kumasi Circuit Court’s to acquit some eight members of New Patriotic Party (NPP) vigilante group, Delta Force, who were standing trial for raiding a court.

The 13 were part of 21 men arrested by the police after they attacked the newly appointed Ashanti Regional Security Coordinator, George Agyei.

The men had said Mr. Agyei did not deserve the position because he played no role in the struggle to bring the NPP into power.

The public outrage that greeted the release of the eight members of the vigilante group, Delta Force, who were standing trial in Kumasi, forced the Minister of Information, Mustapha Hamid, to issue a statement that sought to suggest that the Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Gloria Akuffo, was not aware of the decision by the state prosecutor to discontinue the case and that, as a result, the AG’s department “is investigating circumstances under which a Principal State Attorney in Kumasi decided without recourse to advice from higher authority on a matter of high public interest of this nature to drop charges against persons arrested in connection with disturbances in a Kumasi Magistrate’s court in April this year.”

But the former Deputy Minister for the Northern Region described the Information Minister’s statement as not only dangerous but serious with so many implications.

He said the current move by the government to disassociate itself from the case indicates the lack of coherency and direction in the NPP administration.

“There is no coherent and direction in the government, it is possible for people to go act on matters before the court which is exclusively in the domain of the Attorney General, and the Attorney General does not know and has no iota of idea as to who is entering nolle prosequi on her behalf; then we are in a very dangerous times. That people can purported to act in the name of the officers, ministers to whom the mandate of this good people of the country have given. That also tells us that as a people we need to sit up otherwise where this government is taken us only God know where they are taken us,” , he stated.

Alhaji Fuseini noted with disappointment that Ghana’s enviable credentials across the globe as one of the most successful democratic states on the continent is cascading at a very alarming rate and called on all well minded Ghanaians to stand up and resist any untoward things that have the tendency of marring the good image of the country in the eyes of the international community.



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