…..Akwapim youth warn Minister of State Bryan Acheampong

Youth of Akwapim in the Eastern Region, have issued a demand for Minister of State at the Presidency, Bryan Acheampong, to undertake repairs on the palace of the Chief for the area, which he is said to have led a gang of the ruling party’s goons to vandalize.

The destruction is said to have occurred when Mr. Acheampong, who is also the Member of Parliament for Abetifi, stormed the palace in the morning of the 24th of January 2018, to disrupt a meeting of a committee tasked to sort out misunderstanding that has arisen over succession to the Okuapeman throne.

“This caution has become necessary because they have taken us for granted. The Deep respect for leaders is a pillar of the culture of the Akwapim people, which is one of Ghana’s decent ethnic groups, has been taken for granted.

“If this is not done, we will use all constitutional laws and right procedures to organize a demonstration to show our displeasure on the current happenings in Okuapeman and voice out our concerns.

“Brian Acheampong should know that his political temerity ends at where he’s an MP. And should has touched the tail of Okuapeman and therefore we the indigenes of the 17 towns of Okuapeman would not sit down aloof and fold our arms,’ a statement signed by Maxwell Okamafo Asamani Addo, Convener of the Concerened Youth of Okuapeman said.

The youth, who have indicated serious anger over the behaviour of the Minister said they feel further insulted by the fact that some of their chiefs had been arrested by the marauding group led by Bryan Acheampong which had stormed the palace disrupt things.

Available pictures taken of the scene Mr. Acheampong and his alleged band of thugs left behind include fractured walls and cluttered palace space.

“They also had the political temerity to arrest some of our very respected chiefs in Okuapeman the Asona Hene and the Tufu Hene of Okuapeman this we see as an attempt to disgrace us  and run our chieftaincy  institution down.

“We also want to alert him if he doesn’t know that the Okuapehene Ahenefie is not a government installation for him and his   flourishing vigilante group to storm and destroy as we are seeing all over the country with impudence,” the statement said.

Underscoring that the disruption was totally unbecoming of the Minister, the youth explained in the statement that, “The committee was set up last during an end-of-year meeting of the Akuapem Traditional Council at Akropong in the Eastern region.

“We maintain that our understanding is that the aim of the committee was to meet with the Sakyiabea gate of the Asona Royal Family that was expected to produce the next Akuapemhene and settle the misunderstanding that had arisen.”

It said the Sakyiabea family, one of the royal gates of Okuapeman, had produced one Odekye Kwasi Akufo, for enstoolment, while someone else had also brought forward one Odekye Kojo Kesse. However, the latter is said to be wearing tattoos, a thing that is led to his disqualification and subsequent confusion.

The committee was thus set up to sort out the issues.

“We are currently waiting on the Traditional Council to bring the report of the committee and come to finality,” the statement by the youth said.

They made it clear that they viewed the attack on the palace as an attempt to scatter the work of the committee chaired by the Adontenhene of Akuapem, the Aburihene and other respected chiefs.

They denounced the disrespect of Bryan Acheampong and his thugs and called on President Akufo-Addo to call him and other appointees to order, even as they demanded that he immediately repair the palace.

“As the youth we also call on also President Akufo-Addo to prevail upon political appointees and high-profile civil servants who are posted to the municipality to stop meddling in the chieftaincy affair of Okuapeman, because such behaviors “are aggravating the problem”.




Source: Adotey

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