Rawlings urged to tone down attacks on NDC  

Mr. Daniel Kojo Awer, a 2016 NDC Parliamentary aspirant for Awutu Senya East Constituency in Central Region, has appealed to former President Jerry John Rawlings, the founder of the NDC to tone down his attacks on the party that he sacrificed his very life to form and even signed the its constitution with his blood, in order not to risk its collapse.

He also called on Dela Coffie and Madam Valerie Sawyerr and other people who are also making various statements for and against Mr. Rawlings to cease fire and rather come together to make the party stronger to win back power in 2020 elections.

He stated this at a press briefing at Odupong Ofaakor, near Kasoa, in Central Region, on Unity in NDC.

Mr. Awer noted that the more internal wrangling goes on in the party, the more NPP is given an advantage over them, so the earlier they all unite, the better so that this period is used for reflections against 2020 which NDC can win easily to put the ailing economy back on track.

He noted that the divisions will make their political opponents happy, so it is about time to stop the misunderstandings and move the party forward towards total victory, next election.

Mr. Awer noted that if the founder does not stop what he is doing against NDC he will live and die one day to regret it but it will be too late to for him, hence the reason for him to stop what he is doing against his own party which he worked hard to bring unprecedented developments to the nation under the late Atta Mills and Mahama regimes.

He noted that prominent personalities in other parties had declared openly that NDC was going to collapse during Former President J. A Kufuor’s era but that never happened because it is a party for the masses and not for a few aristocrats as the case may be elsewhere.

Mr. Awer noted that it is the top of the party, that is the engine room, and the source of running the party, so if that place is polarized then the party is in trouble, which they the real lovers of the party will never allow to happen hence his alarm to get things done right.

He noted that the NPP is allegedly using Owusu Bempah and the wife of Mr. Rawlings to destroy NDC which must not be allowed to happen because NDC is not a small party to toy with and destroy in the end, adding that the NDC, as far as people like him live, will never be allowed to collapse or live in opposition forever as some other parties want it to experience or to be.

He therefore called on the founder to be a bit careful in his dealings with his own party members and rather unite the big family.

He further pleaded with Mr. Rawlings to work cordially with the current officers just as he did to the admiration of the nation during his tenure of office with the Great Politicians, such as Mrs. Mary Grant, Dr. Obed Asamoah, Daniel Ohene-Agyekum, Professor Kwamena Ahwoi, Professor Kwesi Botchwey and the likes.

He said he worked nicely with the PNDC\NDC of his time with men and women of integrity, some alive and others dead, but they have left great legacies behind for which Mr. Rawlings is expected to encourage the present crop of NDC officers to emulate instead of consistently castigating them.

He said he is begging Mr. Rawlings to forgive everybody for things which went wrong and always remember how he used his blood to sign the NDC Constitution so that he will not live or die to regret his action against his own party for whatever reason.

He said the party’s symbol is an umbrella which has no branches but one stem under one roof or canopy so in NDC there should not be a room for divisions.

Mr. Awer noted that the party has one ideology which is Social Democracy which is best form of government for Africa, so all NDC supporters and leaders should be proud of the party and forge for unity then victory will follow in 2020, else if the wrangling continues it will lead to defeat and disgrace.

Mr. Awer further noted that NDC defeat in 2016 cannot be said to be due to bad governance but normal phenomenon because it happened the same way in Nigeria, USA and in other big democracies so no NDC supporter should feel shy of the defeat, especially as the governments which won in the various countries are not performing better than when the losers were in power.

Mr. Awer averred that now the founder, NDC party executives and the rank and file and the numerous ordinary supporters of NDC have to sort out all scores among themselves to build a more formidable party to win 2020 hands down to continue with the Unity, Stability and Development Agenda of NDC the “eye zu eye ze” party.

He noted that in 2020 NDC still have great and popular people, like Dr. Ekwow Spio–Garbrah, Ex-President John Mahama, Hon. Alban Bagbin, and Hon. Hannah Tetteh, among many others, who can lead the party to win the elections so all should unite for a victory awaiting the party in future.




Source: therepublicnewsonline.com/Kwabena Odae

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