Rail Transport to Boost Ghana’s Economy Growth–Joe Ghartey

GhiGL Infrastructure Consultants, a Ghanaian rail Infrastructural development experts domiciled  in the United Kingdom (UK) has joint the Ministry of Railways Development to help in revamping Ghana’s rail transportation sector.

The GhiGL Consultants, according to managers is one experts that built several of challenging rail infrastructure projects in many countries globally which has become an  enormous potential to economic growth.

Speaking at  a Stakeholders  Dialogue meeting in Accra last Friday,Minister of Railways Development, Hon Joe Ghartey, government is undertaking several policies to to improve the rail transport sector.

According to him, developing the rail network was paramount for the road transportation has become hectic during rush hours thereby slowing productivity of the country economy.

He stated that, in view of that, government through the Ministry is undertaking major initiative so that in the next five years, saying that, “countries that took rail transport seriously would be set apart from those that did not.”

Mr Ghartey disclosed that, a total of 300 foreign investors from countries including China, Russia, USA, among others, have expressed interest in the rail sector in Ghana.

He indicated that, the government through the Ministry was in the process of partnering our Northern neighboring country, Burkina Faso to develop a rail line between Accra and Ouagadougou.

This, he added would open up more trade opportunities between the country and its neiugbouring landlocked countries in the Sahel zone.

On his part, Chief Executive Officer of GhiGL,  Mr Adamu Mohammed,  stated  that the railway sector could be a major game changer for the nation’s  economy if given a new and improved structures.

According to him, the rail sector would help open up the country and bring the major cities such as Takoradi, Koforidua, Tamale and Accra, among others to boost the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the country in years ahead if well developed.

“It’s going to grow businesses. Businesses are going to spread across. Railway can transform a country without any doubt,” he said, adding that it will bring additional tax revenue.

The GhiGL  further explained that the sector could also help minimize long hours wasted on roads  by motorists in the country due to traffic congestion, citing the capital city of Accra  and Kumasi, as well as create additional employment opportunities to increase commercial activities.

He told Journalists at the meeting  that, “Accra is congested so if we have the rail, businesses can move to maybe Koforidua and people would still travel there within half an hour.”

“They will move and make Accra a bit less congested. All the people within Koforidua wouldn’t have to move to Accra to look for employment,” he stated..

Going forward, Mr Adamu said, government must ensure of the  right policies and improved state  structures  are put in place to boost the rail sector to augment other sectors for development of the country.

The  GhiGL Consultants, he said would partner with the Ministry of Railways Development with the expertise to enhance the rail sector.

“We want to form a strategic partnership with the ministry so that we will come on board with our expertise from abroad and advise the ministry on what everybody is bringing, including investors, designers and constructors,” the CEO of GhiGL assured.



Source: therepublicnewsonline.com/Felix Engsalige Nyaaba

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