Questions Trail Consultant On Rawlings’ House

…Following collapse of fence-wall to rains

The collapse of a portion of the fence-wall to the Ridge residence of former President Jerry John Rawlings after last week’s heavy downpour has invoked questions about the quality of repair works that was done on the same house just a few years ago.

After some five hours of raining last week, a portion of the wall to the house crumbled onto the pavement, exposing the former President and his family to insecurity.

This breakdown has led to questions as to whether a consultant that had been contracted to refurbish the same house in 2011, after it had been razed by fire, did a good job.

On Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2010, the same Ridge residence had been razed down by fire.

Following the incident, then President Mills had acquired temporary accommodation for President Rawlings in the up-market Trassaco Valley area, but Mr. Rawlings had turned it down and demanded that the Ridge residence be fixed for him.

The Mills government had then allowed President Rawlings to choose his own consultant for the rehabilitation works on the house, even though government had paid for it.

The consultant in question has since not really been revealed, but it is part of his rehabilitation work that has crumbled under rain again, just some five years down the line.

Part of the fence-wall of the house crashed last week, after some five hours of rain in the national capital.

It has been said that given recent rehabilitation works on the house, it is questionable that the wall to the house would crumble to rain so easily.

Ridge is one of the highbrow suburbs of Accra, with an elaborate drainage system that pipes away water from the ex-President’s residence and, therefore, it is a wonder that the walls to the house would crumble so easily.

Meanwhile, Ghanaians are eagerly looking out to see how the Akufo-Addo government will respond to the issue of the collapse of the fence-wall to former President Rawlings’ residence at Ridge.

This is because this same Akufo-Addo government has refused immediate past ex-President Mahama his entitlements, including accommodation, almost a year after assuming office.

In fact, even a Cantonment’s house that the government had allocated to former President Mahama during the transition period has since been taken away from him.



Source: Fiifi Samuels

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