Promises vs Reality: Questions Nana Addo must answer today

Six months after assuming office, President Nana Akufo Addo will meet and interact with Journalists today July 18, at the Flagstaff house on pertinent issues relating to the country.

With several promises rained on Ghanaians by Nana Akufo Addo ahead of the 2016 election, things seem not to be happening as expected.

In the run up to the election, the NPP led by Nana Akufo Addo highlighted things they will tackle in less than a year if given the nod to lead the country for 4 years.

Below is a highlight of promises made by the NPP which will not take them 4 years to execute.

-The next NPP government will abolish the payment of utility bills by students after assumption of office.

-The NPP government will restore in full Teacher and Nursing trainee’s allowances in the first quarter in office.

-The next NPP government will increase the number of loans under the student loan scheme, restructure and streamline its administration to enhance recovery of the loans.

-The next NPP government will immediately after assumption of office reduce taxes on electricity tariffs to provide immediate relief to households and industries.

-The NPP government will be working with District Assemblies to exempt Kayayei from taxes and market tolls right after assumption of office.

-The next NPP government will bring back the book and research allowances for lecturers and in addition establish a fund to facilitate further research and innovation works.

-The next NPP Government will provide free Wi-Fi services in all the school campuses to facilitate student’s research works.

-The next NPP government will reduce the Kayayei phenomenon by providing an alternative to skills training and a seed capital to enable them to start a trade for themselves.

-The next NPP government will establish National Sanitation Fund to serve as a funding source to deal with sanitation issues within the country.

-The next NPP government will increase the allowances currently paid the Assembly Members.

For the records, chapter 14 p147 of the NPP 2016 manifesto reads; “The NPP Government will secure peace and security for all Ghanaians. Under the NPP Government, Ghanaians will feel safe on the streets and in their homes. Ghanaians will go about their daily business in the secure knowledge that their persons, properties, and lives are safe under an NPP Government.”

In few hours, the President will engage some journalists on issues ranging from health, education, governance, agriculture, and energy.

Most paramount to Ghanaians currently is the issue of endemic Insecurity in the country over the past 5 months and the ever present adversary, corruption.

These are questions that are begging for answers in minds of the ordinary citizen.

Mr. President,

1. Can you explain why there is widespread insecurity across the country with reference to Chapter 14 of your party’s Manifesto?

2. With all the evidence indicating the mess at BOST, Do you back the report from BNI touted by the Energy Minister that vindicates the MD of BOST?

3. Can you debunk or confirm that the MD of BOST funded your campaign in 2016 for which reason he appears untouchable?

4. 43 specialised vehicles worth over $9m for the Presidency stacked in Dubai, considering your moratorium placed on the purchase of new vehicles, will you abrogate the contract for Ghana to pay a possible judgement debt or you will review your decision on the purchase of cars so the vehicles are brought to Ghana?

5. In the heat of your campaign in 2016, you vowed to retrieve every stolen money by reviewing contracts, #6monthsofResults tells us the success story.

6. University graduates are begging for their certificates because the governing councils of the schools have not been constituted yet, when will this be done?

7. “The next NPP government will bring back the book and research allowances for lecturers and in addition establish a research fund to facilitate further research and innovation works.” These allowances are in arrears and as result, UTAG has given a 14-day ultimatum before they perform the ‘annual ritual’, strike. What is the reality?

8. Your vociferous Information Minister is on record to have said in June “salaries of all the 110 ministers and deputies in government are in arrears since they assumed office.”
What is the state of their account now?

9. “I promised to make the state capital (Accra) the cleanest city on the African continent”. A promise that possibly must be the burden of the physically shrouded in air, Sanitation Ministry. #6monthsofResults what chorus can we sing along?

10. Long queues at 4 am have become an accepted feature of a voting day in Ghana, but distastefully unusual to be repeated after elections, Sir has it gotten to you that Ghanaians still queue as early as 4:30 am to acquire passport? 60 years on, what’s the way out?

11. Nii Kwaku Abladey Okudzeaman I (Mr President) what verbal catalyst can help settle the dirt of doubt in the minds of critics on Christian’s pilgrimage to Israel championed by the Chieftaincy and Religious Affairs ministry.

Ghanaians will halt all activities and listen to the first gentleman of the land, His Excellency Nana Akufo Addo on how he will answer the questions and inwardly determine the lows and highs of the President’s response. We should all remember, Karma has no menu, you get served what you deserve.





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