Prof. Martey told stop doing partisan politics with anti-Galamsey fight

Mr. Joseph Yamin , the former Deputy Minister for the Ashanti Region, has cautioned the former Moderator of the Presbyterian Church, Rev. Prof. Emmanuel Martey, to desist from doing partisan politics with the fight against galamsey in the country.

According to him, such despicable action from the man of God would not help in the collective fight against the menace, but rather divide the general public on partisan lines which will then have a negative effect on the government efforts in the nipping galamsey in the bud.

The former Moderator of the Presbyterian Church was quoted to have said during an official opening of the Koforidua Branch of C4 Homeopathic hospital that it was under former President Mahama’s administration that the illegal mining, popularly called galamsey, got out of hand, and disclosed that President Mahama assured him that his government was winning the fight against galamsey but things got worse.

“In fact, it’s because they have come, and thanks to the media also assisting, everybody knows that galamsey is evil which ought to be eliminated. I don’t want to go into politics but it was in Mahama’s administration that this thing became worst.”

Meanwhile, speaking to this paper in an interview, Mr. Yamin  noted that it would have served the most reverend good if he had taken upon himself to do enough research on how illegal galamsey miners, mainly foreigners, were expatriated under President Mahama administration and find out whether those people are still in country.

He stressed that under former President Mahama’s government, a special inter-ministerial taskforce was formed with powers to clamp down on the operations of illegal mining activities across the country.

He said another milestone was also achieved with regard to the amendments of some of the laws governing mining and that the government was empowered through some of these amendments to confiscate excavators and other mining equipment belonging to individuals and companies caught engaging in illegal mining activities in the country.

He revealed that, during his tenure as the deputy minister in charge of the Ashanti Region, efforts were made to stamp out illegal mining activities in the region through several coordinations with representatives of the various security agencies on the Regional Security Coordinating Council (REGSEC).

Mr. Yamin said within his eight months in office as the deputy Ashanti Regional Minster eight foreign illegal miners were deported from Ghana and 70 excavators were also seized from different raids that were conducted by the taskforce.

The former deputy national coordinator of NADMO further chastised the Prof. Martey for not raising concerns about the release of the eight members of a vigilante group affiliated to the NPP by the Attorney General which received severe condemnation from various groupings in the country, including the Ghana Bar Association and the Minority in Parliament.

Responding to the Rev. Prof. Emmanuel Martey’s description of critics of the Akufo-Addo administration as unwise, Mr. Joesph Yamin, who was also appointed Deputy Minister of Sports by President Mahama, questioned whether the man of God is aware of the fact that Ghana has become the ridicule of the international community due to the current government’s abuse of the of the rule of law in the country.

“He shouldn’t just be speaking, he should look for facts. Is it true that the rule of law is not working in Ghana? Whenever Prof. Martey finds his voice he should be speaking out against the shame and the disgrace that President Akufo-Addo and his government has led the country into rather than coming out to state that we can’t criticise a government who has been in power for the past four months,” he said.




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