Police needs enhanced Intelligence Training to Tackle Insecurity– Hon Mumuni


Hon Alhaji Alhassan Mumuni, the Deputy Ranking member of Defence and Interior Committee of Parliament, has stressed the need for increased intelligence gathering training for the Ghana Police Services in the wake of insecurity  facing  the country.

According to him, even though the police have competent men and women to gather intelligence, there was the need for regular refreshers training in that regards to be able to contain the increasing sophisticated modern criminal’s activities in the country.

Hon Mumuni who is a Member of Parliament (MP) for Salaga North constituency made the call in an interview with THE REPUBLIC at parliament in Accra over the weekend.

The Salaga North lawmaker said,“there is nothing better than training of the police services because all what the police need is training and retraining, especially in modern way of policing.

“That is what we, parliamentarians and parliament as an institution of laws should and must  assist in that regard. Our major task is to support and collaborate with our police services to ensure proper policing,” he said.

Hon Mumuni  said it is a fact that the capacity of the Ghana  police to protect lives and property in recent time was low, hence the need for more enhanced intelligence gathering through collaboration with citizens and community policing to help minimize the increasing level of insecurity.

For him, the staff strength of the police is not more than 33,000, per available statistics which in his considered opinion is inadequate for Ghana’s population of nearly 28 million.

Under the United Nations’ (UN) standard, it is supposed to be one police man to 60 persons but Ghana’s population and with the number of police, the country lacks the capacity.

This, Hon Mumuni said, “We need more hands and more training to deliver. There is the need for more training in the district, divisional, regional commands up to national level.”

The Deputy ranking on Defence and Interior committee of Parliament further  pointed out that the citizens ’s major responsibilities were to provide intelligence information and also to arrest and hand over suspects to the police.

“ The return of patrolling day and night, visibility and community policing, thus  communities should be in charge of policing their lives and property, as well as providing information to the police under applied act,’’he said.

Ghana is currently dealing with security threats ranging from incessant petty crime, to terrorism. But as the level of insecurity increases especially in city outskirts where police presence is low, more Ghanaians are beginning to take matters into their own hands, by arming themselves for protection.

Following the highly publicized attacks on Kwabenya police station which led to the killing of a senior police officer, cattle breeders collectively called Fulani  attacked and guns exchange with security under operation cow leg, the MP said, the police needed intelligence to be able to preempt such movements.

He said, though shooting at police is not new in many jurisdiction, attacking a police station and freeing suspects was uncommon around the world and that the Ghana police services should not take the incident lightly.

While condemning the attack at Kwabenya, the MP cautioned that,  if the police do not step up their line of information gathering , it would come to a time that, instead of reporting the incident to the appropriate security authorities, citizens would  take matters into their own hands and do whatever they want to do.

Mr Mumuni also called on government to equip the police with up-to-date gadgets that would help them to perform their constitutionally mandated responsibility and to save lives, stating,  “the state must have adequately manned and well equipped security services to ensure the safety of its citizens.”

On a national scale however, he said if a strategic solution centring on ways to curtail the spread of unregistered and illegal weapons across the country is not devised, the defeat of lawlessness by self-appointed vigilantes, would simply usher in a new frontier of an increase in local violent crimes.


Source: therepublicnewsonline.com/Felix Engsalige Nyaaba

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