Police Launch Clampdown On Motorists


The Ghana Police Service is carrying out a special operation to clamp down on motorists who ply around town in unregistered vehicles.

As part of the operation, personnel on the field are to impound all cars and motorbikes without proper registration and mercilessly prosecute owners.

A 14th July memo, fired to all Regional Police Commanders by the Inspector General of Police emphasized the IGP’s demand that a very heavy muscle be brought to bear on motorists with vehicles that are not properly registered.

Per the memo, the operation is code named, “Strategic Operational Responses.”

“INGPOL directs all Regional Commanders to conduct nationwide clampdown on all unregistered motorbikes and vehicles. Those that do not have proper registration to be impounded and owners prosecuted,” the memo spelt out.

It emphasized that, “these instructions are to be carried out with full vigor and must be robust.”

The memo instructed that returns from the operation must be submitted to the Police Headquarters in Accra.

“Treat Very Urgent.”

The rationale for the need to clamp down on motorists with unregistered vehicles, according to the memo, is that all over the country, a sub-culture of unregistered vehicles plying the roads with impunity has taken hold.

It said the phenomenon was unacceptable under the laws of Ghana.

“It has been observed across the country that large numbers of motorbikes ply our roads without registration number plates. Similarly, unregistered vehicles ply the road.

“This unlawful act is gradually being accepted as normal and lawful,” the memo pointed out.

To stem the subculture, the IGP instructed that the police start a nationwide clampdown and show no mercy to anyone caught riding or driving vehicles without proper registration and number plates.

Their vehicles are to be impounded while they are prosecuted without mercy.



Source: therepublicnewsonline.com/ Fiifi Samuels




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