Police accused of aiding NPP to chase out perceived NDC sympathisers at Agbogbloshie

Flawless information The Republic has gathered indicates that the police have been helping the supporters of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) to attack and chase out the sympathizers of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) at the Agbogbloshie market in Accra.

One Alhassan Ibn Abdullah alleged that since the NPP won the 2016 general elections, they (NDC followers) have no peace.

He says they resisted the NPP supporters’ attempt to throw them out of the Agbogbloshie market initially; but later these NPP supporters came with the police to arrest them and some of their leaders.

He alleged further that anytime they go to report, the police ignore them, and these police officers are rather seen with the NPP attackers moving around in the market collecting foodstuff.

Ibn Abdullah alleged that with help of the police, these NPP supporters have succeeded in seizing their containers, attacked and inflicted wounds on some of their ladies in the Agbogbloshie market, where they could no longer stay to do any business.

In a meeting with the NDC last week, Ibn Abdullah informed the party that anytime the NPP supporters are attacking the NDC sympathizers, they have the Daily Guide and pro-NPP media planted at Agbogbloshie to rather report that the NDC followers are attacking the NPP supporters so that the NDC there could be tagged as violent people.

By this unbearable situation they are facing since the NPP/Nana Addo was declared party and President-elect, they demand to hear the leadership of the NDC come out with a statement, hence, they petitioned the party.

The Republic has also gathered from the grapevine that the NPP supporters were asked to reconstruct their structures along the Korle Lagoon.

Early last year, the former Accra mayor, Dr. Okoe Vandapujye, demolished all the structures along the Korle Lagoon to save lives during the rainy season.

It was indicated that some 10 years ago, the Kufuor government bought huge tracks of land at Adjen Kotoku, in the Accra Greater Region, to relocate the yam market and those who were living along the Korle Lagoon to do business.




Source: therepublicnewsonline.com/Delali A. Awuyeh

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