Petition against me has no merit – Musa Superior

The Tamale Metropolitan Chief Executive (MCE), Iddrisu Musah, also known as Musah Superior, has described as “false”, allegations by the some aggrieved Assembly members that he awarded contracts without due process and disrespected them in the conduct of his duties.

The aggrieved Assembly members have threatened to pass a vote of no confidence against the MCE, explaining that they have lost confidence in him, hence the need for a general assembly meeting to initiate his removal from office.

They accused Musah Superior of awarding contracts without due process, taking critical decisions without prior approval of the Assembly, and withholding information from the Assembly members.

Reacting to these claims, Musa Superior, in a statement, denied the entire allegation and said the petition by the Assembly members to have him removed from office has no merit.

His statement reads: “I have read the petition of some of the Hon Assembly persons. I have noted also that they deliberately posted the petition on the social media for reasons known to them.

“My response to the Petition are as follows:

“First, it is absolutely FALSE that I do not respect them as they alleged in point one. I run an open office and work with everyone cordially. I tour Electoral Areas with them in my connect with the communities tour. My information is that, this is the first time a Tamale MCE has worked so prominently in our communities. I am proud of my relationship with the grassroots.

“Second, the allegation that I have awarded contracts without due process is completely untrue. Since I assumed office, I have awarded only four contracts and all of fall within my THRESHOLD of 125,000 as the Metropolitan Chief Executive. The Contracts are: re-fencing the Guunayili Cattle Market @ Ghc 106,000, Replacement of the weak wooden bridge with a metal one at Sanerigu-Dungu @ the cost of Ghc 79,534, clearing and removal of threes for the new Yam market at Gbabshe @ the cost of Ghc 72,000 and the paving of the durbar ground at Banvim Lana’s palace @ the cost of Ghc, 93,541.

“The petitioners stated also that, I pay my assistants Ghc 1400 per month. That’s a fact. The two hardworking gentlemen were duly recruited by the Assembly. One is my Executive Assistant and the other works with the Public Affairs Department as the Media Laison officer and doubles as my operations man. They do not only deserve to be paid, they deserve some respect by the Hon Assemblymen who contact them day in and out.

“The petitioners also claimed that I recruited 61 persons as TAMA Taskforce and pay each a patty amount of 150 per month. I say without hesitation that I only recruited 40 individuals to augment the efforts of the 21 member taskforce who were hired by the previous administrations under Hon Friday and Hon Gundaadoo. The claim that the taskforce is unfunctional is palpable false. The people of Tamale now conduct their businesses in a more orderly and peaceful CBD. The entire CBD which was ‘encroached’ by traders has been wholly decongested. The chaos and indiscipline are no. Drivers, pedestrians, workers, banks and store owners now go about their activities without nuisance and hindrance. We have achieved all these because the Taskforce are diligent, professional, hardworking and committed to the job. The Hon Assembly persons must apologise to them for ridiculing them.

“Other allegation in their baseless petition are that, I am hostile to them and that I take ‘serious decisions without informing them’. I can only respond to these if they come clear and provide explanations the nature of the hostility and decisions they claim I took without informing them.

“Lastly, I reject their claim that I am ‘hiding information and lying to the people of Tamale’. I run an open, transparent and accessible office. Here on Facebook, I have consistently informed the people about my activities, etc. On our local radio stations, I have prominently engaged with the citizens. Between 5pm and 10pm, I run a surgery in my office and this has been hugely beneficial. Everyday, I meet hundreds of people as I walk around the Metropolis working for the people.

“My conclusion is that, this petition is without merit. It is a propaganda piece to bring my good name into disrepute and to attempt to undermine my confidence. I am clear about what I am doing for the people and will continue to do the right things.

“I have prepared myself adequately for the impeachment process. I will subject myself to our laws. I fear not the outcome! Tamale must work.”





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