Parliament Recess Over, Resumes Business Today

……But What Will Engage Attention Of House Members?

After eight weeks of recess, the House of the Legislators resumes sitting today, but what are some of the issues that are likely to engage the attention of the lawmakers?

It’s been so long a recess and so dull a season in the last two months, but, at last, the hallowed chambers of the august House of Legislators will come alive again today.

Lawmakers will today resume plenary after their annual vacation for the 3rd Meeting of the 1st Session of the 7th Parliament of the 4th Republic today.

During the recess, many of the lawmakers had travelled overseas to spend the holidays with their families, while some were in their constituencies, devoting time to attend to the needs of their constituents.

The 275 parliamentarians are expected to be in House today for parliamentary business after being on recess for two months.

At the 3rd Meeting of the 1st Session, the lawmakers are expected to receive  bills, legislative instruments and several papers.

One of the bills that will receive most attention and public interest, is the Office of the Special Prosecutor Bill, which was initially withdrawn at the last sitting before members went on recess.

It was one of the bills that faced stiffer scrutinizing by the minority side of parliament and was later withdrawn after the majority failed to push it through under the certificate of emergency.

The Special Prosecutor Bill will this time round again dominate the Parliamentary session, and MPs will be getting straight down to business in their first week back after the season.

The Chairman of Constitution, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs, Ben Abdallah, and Alhaji Fuseini Inusah, Minority ranking member, are expected to take turns to address the House respectively.

The committee weeks ago held public and stakeholders’ conference on the Bill and received some inputs from members of the public, especially the modalities and the limit of power and transfer of power by the Attorney General.

Other bills expected to also take the attention of the legislators are the four Development Authority bills, including the Coastal, Middle, Northern and Zongo Development Bills collectively.

The landmark Founder’s Day Repeal Bill is expected to also be officially made known to the august House and is likely to receive strong resistance by the minority, who appear to be pro- Nkrumahist.

The majority side of the House, which of course represents the executives of the ruling party, The Republic gathered, is also said to be planning to table a series of amendments, including one forcing the government to keep the petroleum levy and other similar laws.

The minority, on the other hand, is expected to put some force on the government to bring to parliament for ratification the Uranium transfer agreement with the China government per the Supreme Court decision on Gitmo2.

Prior to the break, the MPs vetted and approved the Chief Justice, Justice Sophia A.B. Akuffo, and Ms Irene Naa Torshie Addo, Administrator of the District Assemblies Common Fund (DACF).

They also approved the 2017 Supplementary Budget, as well as amended some existing tax laws.

Parliament also debated a number of national international days, especially the Africa Union (AU) Day and others personal statements.

The House, on bad note, also experienced a minor fire outbreak on the 10th floor of the Job 600, which nearly truncated office business of members with their constituents.


Source: Felix Engsalige Nyaaba

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