Palace Coup At MMT

…Staff Orders Management To Resign!

The Republic has intercepted information that indicates that an implosion is in the offing at the Metro Mass Transit (MMT) Limited where staff of the company has ordered the company’s entire management to resign by force.

In what is akin to a palace coup, the Senior Staff Union and Junior Staff Union have served a resolution, ordering members of the management to resign on grounds of alleged crippling incompetence on the part of the managers.

“Our Management has failed us and all of them needed to leave the system. They have been in the office from the inception of the company and yet could not contribute to the sustenance of the company,” a letter addressed to the chairman of the company’s Board stated.

The letter, dated 26 July, 2017, was routed by the MMT staff through the general secretary of the General Transport, Petroleum and Chemical Workers Union (GPTCU) of the Trades Union Congress (TUC), to the MMT Board.

It was jointly signed by Delali Kumah, Chairman of the Senior Staff Union, and Samuel Kwesi Quaye, Chairman of the Junior Staff Union.

The GTPCU, which had indicated in a 25th July letter to the Board Chairman of the MMT that it supported the demands of the company’s staff, also subscribed to a timeline of seven days within which implementation of demands, including the resignation of management members, should be carried out.

On 18th July, 2017 the divisional unions of both senior and junior staff of the MMT, who belong to the GTPCU, met at the Hall of the TUC in Accra and adopted an 11-point resolution on the way forward for the MMT.

It is the very first point of the resolution that demanded that members of the MMT’s Management sack themselves within seven days.

According to the 26th July letter that had been routed through the Secretariat of the GTPCU to the MMT Board, the current management of the MMT are deadwood.

“Both Unions have come to believe that Management has no idea ideas that would transform the company to the next level. They had been ill-advising the Managing Directors who have come to office.”

The second resolution point demanded that the name of a former Deputy Managing Director which has continued to exist on the company’s payroll since his exit in 2015, be expunged immediately.

Point 3 of the resolution demanded that the fate of an existing Deputy Managing Director, one Mr. Aaron Goza, be determined, even as two new Deputy Managing Directors of Finance and Administration have been appointed to replace Mr. Goza.

“That political recruitment should not be condoned in the company. This is to make sure MMTL does not join the lines of parastatal institutions that had been filled with political activists where workers nationwide would be replaced by activists of a new government, i.e, the Kumasi Depot Manager is in the process of being replaced with a political appointee,” the fourth point of the resolution carried.

The letter ordered a stop to the Kumasi Depot Manager’s replacement move by the NPP government which has since generated controversy due to a clash of two people who have been appointed by the same regime for the same job.

The letter also demanded that a new recruitment that the company has embarked on should be stopped, while the Human Resource Manager is made to come up with a staff establishment policy that drives recruitment in such a way that vacancies are first advertised internally before they are advertised externally.

It was also demanded that staff of the company are made to participate in new recruitment processes with Management.

According to the letter, if the demanded inclusion of staff in the recruitment process is ignored, the staff would not take kindly to it.

Resolution 7 demanded that the staff be given a say in the procurement of new buses for the company, even as it appealed for the procurement of quality and durable buses.

“That the unions and the staff of Metro Mass Transit Limited wish to know what steps are being taken as regards a turnaround policy directive of the company from now till the end of 2017?”

The 9th Resolution was a demand that monies owed the staff by way of Provident Fund, Insurance premiums, Union dues and other deductions be released, while a directive by the Managing Director to the effect that no one signs cheques in his absence be revoked.

The last resolution was a demand for the return of a company car that it said had been taken away by a former Deputy Managing Director, John Awuku Dzuazh, since leaving the company in January 2015.

“We hereby resolve to you to take steps to address the foregoing concerns of the Unions and its membership within a period of seven (7) working days on receipt of this resolution in order to calm down tensions of our general membership,” the letter noted.

The MMT’s Management is said not to have complied after receiving the letter on the 26th of July.





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