Open Letter To President Akufo Addo On The Looting Of State Acquired Lands


Dear President Akufo Addo I write to you on the above very vexed issue recently raised by your Lands Minister.

The subject of Land, its theft or Looting is a very emotive subject.

*La Land Looting!*

_Ga Land Looting!_

The State Land Looters phenomenon which I write to you about today, therefore cannot be a trivial matter.

My name is Prince-Derek Adjei.

I am a Ghanaian, hailing from Kowe in La, Accra.

My family house is Akornor We [the very first house built in La], my father is the current Dzaasetse of La.

My Grand Uncle was the La Mantse, Nii Adjei Onanor IV, under whose reign vast lands were released for the University of Ghana, Airport and other key developmental projects for the good of the Nation State of Ghana.

La owns very prime, and very vast lands.

The State acquired some La Lands, which compensation is pending or lease expired pending renegotiation and reacquisition under such terms and conditions are mutually acceptable.

Unfortunately, in the intervening period, successive governments have gang raped La, Ga and GaDangme Lands, a phenomenon I am remembered for by Ghanaians as having stood up fiercely against during my tenure as President of the GaDangme Youth and a principled position I still hold.

During those days as is now, State actors have used State authority to steal lands, rendering SOME LANDOWNERS overnight and OTHERS LANDLESS, in a manner akin to the Animal Farm philosophy or the bigoted statement *”some are more Ghanaian than others”* which has been condemned by all right-thinking people across the political divide.

I agree with you, President Akufo Addo, when you described the act of LAND LOOTING and the people who LOOT LANDS as *”IMMORAL”*.

Because I, Prince-Derek Adjei and my GaDangme, GA and La people have been consistent in the fight against the hydra-headed Land Looting issue and remain committed to same.

My focus today Mr. President, is on only ONE ASPECT, [State Actors] who use our collective GHANAIANESS and GHANAIAN STATE POWER to rob us of Land acquired by the State in the collective name of Ghanaians, for themselves.

The following branches of Government have been abused in the course of the institutionalization of Land Looting.

  1. The Executive branch of government.

By the Constitution of Ghana, the President is  the Trustee of State Acquired Lands or Vested Lands.

The person and office of the President [*The Trustees,* _in whom the State has entrusted these lands for and on behalf of all Ghanaians_]. These include the Minister(s) and the Lands Commission and related State Agencies and are not expected to profit directly or indirectly from Trust Property or Trust Lands.

  1. The Legislative branch of government.

The Speaker, Clerks and Members of Parliament are entrusted with the power to make and repeal Laws in Ghana.

Strangely, the obnoxious ACT 2 of 1960 which is largely responsible for the Land Guard phenomenon has still not been repealed.

The Institution, [*Parliament,* _which is to craft laws to protect the “People & State”_] unfortunately is listed as also participating in the Land Looting.

  1. The Judicial branch of government.

This is reputed to be worst culprit is the Land Looting, particularly as they are to dispense justice to those who seek justice in such land cases.

So when the reality is that officers of the Courts at the highest levels are complicit, [*Judges,* _who decide on Land Cases and related matters are themselves alleged beneficiaries of Land Looting_].

  1. The Fourth Estate of the Realm, [*The Media*, _who are the gatekeepers, agendasetters and the investigative journalists who are expected to expose the canker are themselves actively involved_]
  2. The State Security Services and Land Looting.

The Military as an institution has been actively engaged in illegally annexing La Lands for all manner of purposes including hundreds of acres of Prime Lands for a phantom Cemetery.

The Police Service, its head [IGP] and other senior officers have benefited from Land Looting and Land Guard activities.

  1. Civil Society and International Community. They are listed as beneficiaries of Land Looting.


All these expected safety nets Failing, the constitutional Rights to Protestations and Free Expression have also been curtailed, in that, the State Security Services and Media, Moral Society etc are all complicit in the Land Looting enterprise.

Even the international community and Civil Society have been compromised in this web of instant wealth-creation via Land Looting.


Typically, a Land of the value of *$1,000,000 [One million Dollars] * is given away for *$1,000 [One thousand dollars]* _to a Judge, Minister, President, Speaker, MP, IGP, Military, National Security capo, Mediamen, Pastors, Ambassadors and Embassies_ …Chiefs, *yes Chiefs some of whom are custodians of lands in other jurisdictions!*


If, a sitting Chief Justice is complicit in Land Looting, where do you go for JUSTICE?

I recall, the Former Chief Justice Georgina Theodora Woode being forced to return Looted Land after we Petitioned President Mills for her Removal from office unless she returned the Looted LA Land.

The Land we rescued currently has the Foreign Affairs Building on it.

Her Ladyship Georgina Woode claimed to have received a call to have her Akweteyman Land changed for the Airport [LA] Land.

_*Who else got such a call?*_

*The current President, Akufo Addo rejected the same offer that also was via a telephone call like in the case of Georgina Woode, Atta Kyea, KT Hammond and others;  Akufo Addo said it was “IMMORAL”, and I agree with him!*

_I agreed with Akufo Addo then, and I agree with him now!!_

Mr. President, the current Chief Justice Sophia Akufo , is listed as being the Beneficiary of such IMMORALLY LOOTED LAND, at LA Cantonements.

The land of size 0.28 Acres valued above GH7,000,000 [Seven Million Ghana Cedis] was given for GH7,000 [Seven Thousand Ghana Cedis].

Again, Mr. President, the current Chief Justice Sophia Akufo was empaneled by then Chief Justice Georgina Theodora Woode in the *landmark Jake Obetsebi Lamptey Bungalow case* which was essentially a case of using State Power to take/loot State Land/Property, a case which some judges were interested parties.

*Was judgement served, Mr. Akufo Addo?*

Would you advice a Sitting Chief Justice to return _immorally_ Looted Land, or wait for a Petition for her Removal from office?


I urge you Mr. President, as the current Trustee of State Lands to immediately cause ALL [irrespective of Party affiliation, tribe, nationality, social standing or office held] to RETURN ALL LOOTED LANDS.


Mr. President, your Digital Address system  must be piloted in La, with the La Stool Lands Secretariat database being linked to the Lands Commission database and mapped onto the digitized documents of persons/corporate residents of all La Lands.

The La Lands which have borne the brunt of the Land Looting, if successfully plotted digitally and matched with digitized documents of Leasee/Leasor, will in a big way lead to ending the canker of multiple land sale, land guardism and sanitize the land administration regime thus improving tremendously land acquisition for real estate, residential or business purposes while ensuring the land owners and the State also derive due and proper reward.

La has only one Mantse [my Uncle], only one Dzaasetse [my biological Father], only one Traditional Council, only one Dzaase…

Unlike other places where the disunity is manifest, _*La though not perfect,*_ is a perfect specimen for such a pilot and Ghana will be the better for it when diligently done.

Mr. President, There is extreme poverty in *LA among the indigenes,* and ironically extreme affluence also abounds on LA Lands.

This is not good.

Let us right the wrong, Mr. President.

I finally advice that until the Judicial, Legislative and Executive branch eschew their sins against the LA Lands, LA People and indeed Ghanaians your description of their acts as *”IMMORAL”* will be meaningless.

Until the Judiciary purges itself, arbitration of La Land cases will be a more sensible path than litigation.

Until the Legislature repeals such emotive and discriminative laws as the ACT 2 of 1960 and Protection of Purchasers as well as Owners, Ghana will not be free of the canker and its related evils.

The Executive must guarantee with all seriousness the implementation of Uniform Policies across the country, promptly return lands, pay compensation and make EQUITY THE HALLMARK of its land administration regime.

I trust that, as Trustee and Executive President, Mr. Akufo Addo, you will take the MORAL HIGH GROUND and ensure that the injustice done LA, GA, GADANGME  & GHANA is reversed.

Thank you for your attention.


Cc: Speaker of Parliament, Chief Justice, Lands Commission, CDS, IGP, All Embassies, All Media Houses





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