Only Miracle can Stop NDC Victory 2020–Sene East MP

 Hon Dominic Napare
National Democratic Congress ( NDC ) Member of Parliament (MP) for Sene East Hon Dominic Napare, has said if the party sustains its current momentum, it would only take a miracle for it not to win back the Presidency in 2020.

Speaking to THE REPUBLIC at parliament following the nationwide constituency executives elections of the party, Mr Napare, said all the party needs to do is to close ranks and work hard to realise the target.

“If NDC sustains the current effort at rebuilding its restructures, I assure you it would only take a miracle for us not to win the election in 2020.”

He cited the party’s solid grassroots structure, the enthusiasm of the youth and the inability of the current New Patriotic Party (NPP ) administration to address the country’s security and economic challenges as the reason.

“I think the enthusiasm of the youth is one, thus the youth determination to work for the party to return power. The 2016 defeat was a lesson to us and they won’t sit down. We need everybody on board and then move our party forward,” Hon Napare stated.

He added that, it is evidence Ghanaians felt been shortchange and have regretted the decision they took in 2016, pointing that, “the abysmal performance of the NPP government has gingered Ghanaians to yearn for the return of NDC.”

The recent branch and constituency executives elections of the NDC witnessed serious competition among members, especially the youth of the party for positions.


It was the first time in the history of the party that many people strongly campaign and contested for positions at the branch level.

The momentum got even higher when where both old and young members of the party compete for some of the positions which used to be a hand pick position.

To this effect, Hon Napare, a Deputy Ranking Member on Privilege Committee of Parliament expressed optimism that NDC would recover from the 2016 defeat to become the toast of Ghanaians once again.

He said if the leadership continues the good work, time would come where members who abandoned the party for some reasons, would begin to find their way back to the party, adding that, “even those who had left would not need to be begged to come back.”
Mr Napare said, judging from the enthusiasm couple with the willingness and readiness of the Youth to sacrificed for the party, NDC would come out stronger than ever to take back power .

He said, “the NDC’s spirit is still alive and stronger, now more than ever before, in the minds of most Ghanaians and families in all the nooks and crannies of the country.”
He added that the recent political events in the country had continued to vindicate the NDC as the only true national party committed to the national interest, where all citizens as equal partners are free to hold opinion and aspire to any position, no matter how high, without regard to creed, class or ethnic considerations and in which no individual or group of individuals can claim ownership or attempt to appropriate control.
While applauding the party youth for clamouring for various position to serve the party, the Sene East lawmaker, cautioned against complicity at the national general elections and urged all members of the NDC to work hard towards regaining power from the NPP in 2020.

He said, NDC has high chance of returning to power but that would involve hard work, determination and commitment to party ideals, stating that, “NDC is the only true party that can save Ghanaians,” from the deceptive NPP government.

Mr Napare said, all is not roses under NPP as the government sought to use the free senior high school, nurses and teachers trainees allowance as bate to continue deceiving electorates into believing all was well for the country.

He said, it was evident the government has failed miserably to deliver on its sweet-heart campaign promises and expressed confident that with den of hard work and commitment, NDC would be victorious in 2020.

Source: the Republic news Felix Engsalige Nyaaba

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