The governing New Patriotic Party (NPP)’s incursion into Twifo Atti Mokwaa with its flagship ‘One district, one factory’ program appears to have been a flatter to deceive as the site earmarked for a factory building has rather overgrown with weeds.

A steady growth of what can be called a developing forest is threatening to camouflage a signboard that is advertising the site as a place earmarked for a factory.

Per what can still be seen of the sign board the place where it stands is supposed to be hosting a factory for an entity called Twifo Atti Mokwaa Industries Limited (TAMI).

The sign board duly carries an artist’s impression of what the factory to be sited there under the 1d1f policy would look like.

However, rather than the beautiful factory building that the sign board advertises, it is weed that is steadily growing into a forest there. The steady growth is leading to an eclipse of the signboard.

The disappointing development on the land allocated for TAMI follows similar developments in other places, including Ekumfi, where a land earmarked for a pineapple factory is also steadily overgrowing with weed.

Many Ghanaians are confused as to what is happening, especially so when 51 factories that the NPP government had promised to put up by the end of 2017 never materialized.

Rather, this year, the promise to build 51 factories has been scaled down to only 4 factories which interestingly are all proposed to be starch processing plants on project sites that actually belong to individuals who had long started them before the NPP came to power.

Even so, the NPP government has struggled to scale up the chosen cassava projects into the proposed factories.

What is very interesting is that in spite of the government’s wobble under the 1d1f policy, Ghc461 million has supposedly been sunk into the program already. Last year March, the NPP government announced that it had released the money for the purpose.

In the same year, President Akufo-Addo had also announced that he had released GH¢256 million for the revamping of 100 private commercially viable and distressed companies throughout the country.

In spite of the huge releases, none of the factories have been built leading to questions as to what the money has been used for almost a year after it was released.

The evidence that nothing is happening on the ground includes the fact that sites earmarked for the factories are lying idle and overgrowing with weeds.

One of these is the proposed site for a factory for the Twifo Atti Mokwaa Industries (TAMI) limited.



Source: Adotey

The Republic News Online

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