Obrempong Krampa condemns rampant sand-winning, land sales in CR

The president of the Central Regional House of Chiefs, His Royal Highness Obrempong Nyanful Krampa XI, who is also the Omanhene [Paramount Chief], of the Gomoa Ajumako traditional area, has spoken strongly against the indiscriminate winning of sand in many parts of the region which is adversely affecting farming activities in the area.

The Omanhene further noted that he and his executives would soon meet the District Assemblies in the region to see how best to collaborate and manage the sand-winning business responsibly , in order not to disturb farmers since sand and farming are all needed for human and environmental development.

Speaking to journalists on the need to win sand responsibly, he noted that measures will soon be put in place to ensure responsible mining in the region.

Touching on indiscriminate sale of lands by some chiefs in the Central Region to real estate developers, Obrempong Krampa stressed that the practice must stop since their forefathers who were chiefs never sold their lands irresponsibly as we are seeing now.

The president noted that if their forebears had sold the lands out the way it is being done now like the present generation of chiefs will not come to meet the little ones that are available now.

The Omanhene pleaded with his chiefs to engage lawyers to make good written agreements on paper when it becomes necessary to sell lands for developmental purposes, although the lands belong to the chiefs.

Obrempong noted that what is even painful is that some of the chiefs give out large tracts of land to real estate developers at a very low cost.

He noted that the chiefs of the region, of which he is the leader, will soon come out with a document on how lands will be properly disposed of for development in the proper manner and condemned totally the current ways of disposing of lands cheaply and anyhow to developers and investors.

The Omanhene noted that a form of regulation will be put in place by his secretariat to bar chiefs from selling out lands indiscriminately and cheaply.

He also averred that very soon it will be a mandate and a serious requirement for a chief to be a worker before they are enstooled to avoid a situation where chiefs depend solely on sale of lands and other royal regalia to survive.


Source:therepublicnewsonline.com/Bernard Quanson


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