NPP Targets Julius Debrah


…As Mahama-phobia hits Flagstaff House

The fear of a third time battle with John Dramani Mahama has set the Flagstaff House on a war path, using ‘prosecution’ as a scarecrow to scare away the former President and his appointees, the Republic can reveal.

Agents of the Flagstaff House, the seat of government, are already using every dirty trick in the book to hound the former President Mahama ahead of his official declaration to contest the primaries of the largest opposition party, (NDC) in pursuit of the 2020 polls.

Deep-throat sources have confirmed a grand plan by the henchmen of the government to throw mud at persons believed to be the backbone for the former President Mahama’s possible return to the Presidential ballot paper in 2020.

The President, Nan Akufo-Addo, weeks ago named self-acclaimed anti-corruption crusader, Martin Amidu , a man who has shown open hatred and bitterness towards his one-time colleague deputy minister under the regime of ex-President Jerry John Rawlings.

The announcement was widely celebrated by many loyalists of the government as the surest bet to nail down former President John Mahama and his appointees on allegations of corruption.

As if by coincidence, a key member of the Flagstaff House and an appendage of the government took to sets to muddy the air with blatantly falsified documents claiming a significant number of official vehicles at the seat of government had vanished through a corruption syndicate operated under the former administration.

“This is just one of the several hatched plots to play Mahama out and the former Chief of Staff, Julius Debrah, is the launch pad for the sting operation,” hinted a Flagstaff House staffer who wishes to remain anonymous.

Over the past year, Mr. Debrah had been smeared with all sorts of dirt, including claims that he had been into visa racketeering while he was Chief of Staff. As the claims have fallen flat in the face of evidence, the detractors have not been dissuaded.

The latest attack on Mr. Debrah, in the form of claims by one Thomas Kusi Boafo that, while in office, the Mahama government had bought cars at exorbitant prices from dealers and turned round to sell them back to the same dealers at token prices, is also set to fall after Mr. Debrah set the record straight.

Following from this, observers are wondering what the next line of attack will be. Mr.  Debrah has been targeted as fall guy because he is viewed as, not only a close friend of former President Mahama, but a kingpin of the past administration, one of the best anchors for the return of the former President into the Flagstaff House.

Even though former President Mahama has not declared intent to run for the flagbearership of the NDC towards the 2020 elections, every indication is that he is more likely than not to declare his interest in leading the party again.

Given the permutation, the NPP is trying to destroy John Mahama ahead of the Congress in the hopes that the attacks will disenchant NDC delegates from making him the next flagbearer.

The attacks on Julius Debrah, according to insider sources from the NPP, are aimed to spill over from Mr. Debrah to smudge on former President Mahama, so that he will not run again in 2020.

It is also aimed at taking attention away from the NPP’s disgraceful performance in government so far. The claim that Mr. Debrah had dealt shadily in government cars came on the heels of revelations by President Mahama in a GTV interview that when he first conducted President Akufo-Addo round the Flagstaff House, the current President had exclaimed upon seeing a fleet of cars that had been reserved for his presidency.

That revelation served to negate claims by the government that the Mahama administration had not left the current government any cars constraining President Akufo-Addo to use his personal car for official duties.

NPP which had breezed into office on the wings of many utopian promises has since not been able to achieve any. Its flagship Free Senior High School policy is in a mess because of hasty and thoughtless implementation.

As for the ‘one district, one factory policy’, the best the government has been able to do is to lie and adjust lies on the implementation of the policy, and turning round to steal projects that former President Mahama had started.


Last year, the government had promised to build 52 factories, but by the time that 2017 had closed, not even a single factory had been started. Early this year, the government amended its highfaluting promise of building 52 factories to only four factories.

And even the four factories that the government is talking about have left doubts in the air as they have all turned out to be private cassava projects. The government, which promised to build 216 ultra-modern factories while on the campaign trail in 2016, has turned round in government to slap its name on private cassava projects.

While at it, the NPP government has also taken to slapping its name on projects that had been started under the Mahama government, including cutting sod for a pineapple factory that President Mahama had cut sod to start in 2013 and posturing as if a ceramic tiles factory that had started in 2015 under President Mahama had been started by the NPP government.

Alongside the poor performance, the government has also been very corrupt, with the President appointing in place a very nepotistic administration full of his family, friends and girlfriends and baby mamas.

The government has also been embroiled in numerous corruption scandals, including Vice President Bawumia paying out a whopping Ghc15million to a sponsor of the 2016 campaign of the NPP for an electronic app that already exists for free.

Because of the NPP’s monumental failing in government, it could not even commemorate its first year in government, a thing that was highly expected given that the government has commemorated everything else with expensive parties.

It is seen that it is as part of a cover of its failings that the NPP government has taken to throwing wild allegations against former appointees of former President Mahama, especially those closest to him.




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