NPP Retarding Ghana’s Progress- Stephen Ackah

Hon Stephen M.EK. Ackah

The bad policies couple with high level of corrupt practices under President Nana Akufo Addo, is retarding the country economic progress with no hope of getting better anytime soon, Hon Stephen Michael Essuah Kofi Ackah, Member of Parliament(MP) for Suaman has said.

He said the New Patriotic Party (NPP) government has for the past 16 months failed abysmally to provide good governance and that was enough yardstick for Ghanaians to express their displeasure in 2020.

Mr Ackah who is the immediate former Deputy Western Regional Minister under John Mahama administration made these observations in a chat with THE REPUBLIC, in parliament Wednesday May 30.

He blasted President Akufo Addo and his appointees of busily squandering the state resources and doing little to bring development to the door steps of the people, especially the rural folks whose sweat through farming and others kept the economy running.

According to him, Just an upgrading of feeder roads to enable farmers to cart their far produces to the market centres has become the biggest challenges in the rural farming communities across the country.

Mr Ackah told the paper that, a visit to the constituency during parliament recess confirmed his allegation, adding that, “there is nothing going on in the districts in terms of development.”

He noted that, upon all the noise by government appointees, he could not find any project started or about to start under the current government.

“I visited my constituency during the recess, I did not see anything going on, virtually nothing under this government. Most of the things they claimed they have done are those started by us (NDC) before leaving office.”

“So this government has just come to waste our resources, may be possibly for themselves and nothing more and it is affecting our development. We cannot progress as a nation under this Akufo Addo administration,” Mr Ackah stated.

Mr Ackah wondered what the government has being using the tax payer monies as well as the bonds and loans for without any physical project(s) to show getting to two years in office.
He said,it is common to now see key officers of the assemblies idled in their offices, all because, there are no work to be done in the filed, stating, ” our Engineers and all those technical experts who are suppose to on the field working or inspecting work done are sitting in their offices comfortably.”

The MP added that, “these technical officers of assemblies who are expected to be supervising various engineering works on the fields now come to work at late hours and leave early, because there is noting to inspect in the field.”

Mr Ackah also accused the government for depriving the assemblies with adequate funds by taking large chunk of the District Assemblies Common Fund(DACF) to fund campaign promise programmes at the detriment of development of the local areas, the key sector of the nation developments.

In his view, the Akufo Addo government has failed abysmally for it has not brought about any change that was promised in 2016 elections campaign, saying, everywhere you go, you feel how Ghanaians are disappointed and have regretted voting the NPP into power.”
He said, through his Common Fund, some projects in the constituency are ongoing and that just a month ago he disbursed about GHS50,000 for Health centre and is also in the process of securing an X-ray machine.

The free senior high school, the planting for food and jobs and the nation builder corps are all whitewash programmes designed to deceive Ghanaians, stating that parents are complaining everyday over the problems their wards goes through under the free senior high school, which he said are “deceptive” policies.

Mr Ackah however expressed confidence that, Ghanaians would speak with one voice through their voters’ cards by voting for the NDC in the 2020 general elections.

He noted that, the weakest point in the history of the NDC was that it lost in the 2016 elections but, would be reorganize strongly and take advantage of the monumental failure of the NPP as Ghanaians are already crying for NDC to come back and rescue the country in 2020.

Ghanaians, he said have regretted and are desirous for teehee return the NDC in 2020, and that the electorates now have the opportunity to decide between the NDC and the NPP based on performance.

He stressed that, all things been equal and by the time thew party is done with electing executives and choosing flag-bearer, the NDC party would be in position to take back power from the super incompetent government which interest only is to spend money without any developmental project.

Source: the republic news Engsalige Nyaaba

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