NPP Planning To Rig 2020

…Ken Agyapong hints they rigged 2016 election as well

The infamous Asempa FM interview in which the New Patriotic Party (NPP)’s Member of Parliament for Assin Central, Kennedy Agyapong, threatened to reveal secrets about how the NPP won the 2016 elections has set tongues wagging.

The threat, which was made by a vintage Ken Agyapong, in response to what he said were attempts by members of his own party to destroy him, has left many guessing that the NPP rigged the elections.

“They say they will collapse my business, they should bring it on. I will come and reveal on radio how we won the election. If you go and sit at Alisa Hotel and say you will collapse my business, haha, they should be ready,” Mr. Agyapong said in the interview.

For President Akufo-Addo, who had come to power amidst the hacking of the Electoral Commission’s database and the unprecedented holding of a press conference at 2 am during the 2016 elections, Ken Agyapong’s hint is like the mention of dry bones in a conversation with an old lady.

However, even more damning to the NPP government is another hint by Ken Agyapong, in that same interview, that the party is planning to rig the 2020 elections.

According to the Assin Central MP, who has been off the handle ever since the Bulk Oil Storage and Transportation Company (BOST) scandal broke and engulfed the managing director, Alfred Obeng Boateng, the plan to steal 2020 has started with the award of a contract on National Identification.

“There are two three places where I have gone and seen that contracts have been given to NDC people. One is National Identification. They have given it to Margin. I put in bids too but they gave it to Margin. I have since held my peace and observed them from afar.

“One minister told me that, they say I should give the contract to him and that they will find a different contract for me and that he has promised to help us 2020.”

Voting system in Ghana’s national elections is biometric. And so if a person in charge of the NIA contract promises the ruling party of help in 2020, the easy deduction is that he will manipulate voter data from the end of the NIA to favor the ruling party in the elections.

In 2016, the electronic database of the Electoral Commission had been hacked into by unknown persons. The Akufo-Addo government has since refused to investigate the hacking.

The opposition National Democratic Congress too has not deemed it fit to demand an investigation.

Meanwhile, in the interview with Asempa FM, Ken Agyapong revealed serious cronyism that is ongoing within the NPP government, underscoring that Alfred Obeng Boateng, the MD at BOST, had gotten that appointment because of his financial contribution to Akufo-Addo’s campaign.

Angrily, he reveals how some people in the ruling party, who do not know the secret contributions of Mr. Obeng Boateng to the party, are peddling the names and influences of their parents to get President Nana Akufo-Addo to remove the BOST MD and give them the job.

One of them, he says, is a son of a Member of the Council of State.

“Do you know the amount of money he (Alfred Obeng) gave me for the campaign? It isn’t that I don’t have money, but the timing with which the guy contributed to the campaign is a thing that I really appreciate. And so if NPP people are unaware of what the person has done… there are silent contributors and he is one of them. And so if he does not blow his own horns like me, today if someone has helped us to come to power you are going about peddling the name and influence of your father. Your father he was enjoying his kingship (while we were in the trenches),” Mr. Agyapong said in Twi.

In a separate video clip, Mr. Agyapong, who is seen complaining that his own government has not given him a single contract ever since they came to power, also reveals that MP for Effutu, Afenyo Markins, peddled his (Ken Agyapong’s) name, to land a juicy contract at COCOBOD recently.

“Me, Kennedy Agyapong, it is only Afenyo Markins, who went in my name to COCOBOD to do some work that returned to thank me with GHc40,000. Me, Kennedy Agyapong, do I look like someone who deserves (a paltry) GHc40,000? But we know the people that they call, people that have the power to call that minister, give this job to this one…you think that as for us we are idiots, right? Look General, I will never quit talking today, nor tomorrow because the money from my pocket that I contributed, I have to get it back.”

The complaint follows from a separate whine on Asempa FM.

“Ever since we came to power, I have not been given even a 1 cedi contract. But I am patient. But I know where all the contracts are going, then after that you still also undermine us, selfishness greed…

“Today paying my children’s school fees is difficult.”

In spite of all these, he said some party people had gone to meet at Alisa Hotel in Accra and vowed to cripple his businesses. He dared them to bring it on and see if the whole NPP will not sink.


Source: Fiifi Samuels


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