NPP Performance so far Disappointing – Young Professionals

A political youth group that called itself ‘Young Professionals (YP)’ has taken swipe at the Akufo-Addo led NPP government and stated that a number of indicators showing that for the past fifteen (15) months of the government is disappointing.

The General Secretary for YP, Mr. Elikem K. Kotoko, in statement in Accra charged Ghanaians to examine the performance of the NPP government based on their promises within four (4) years to elevate the people from the ‘suffering’ they (NPP) Ghanaians were going through.
According to him, fifteen (15) months on, it was important to examine the government in the sectors of the Ghanaian economy. He accused the Akufo-Addo led NPP administration, of going contrary to its promises of providing jobs for the teeming unemployed youth in the country.
Mr. Elikem lamented that “the NPP government failed to live up to its huge manifesto promises. Adding, he said instead of creating employment, the NPP is rather dismissing workers from their position, whom they alleged were in a way associated to the NDC and replaced them with their party members, to send a signal that they are creating jobs.
The group described the aforementioned acts as a ‘replacement’ instead of employment creation agenda the NPP promised Ghanaians during the 2016 campaign.
The Young Professionals (YP) mentioned the rise of hooligans after the 2016 elections by the NPP Delta Forces, Invincible Forces amongst others terrorists groups of the ruling NPP, who reportedly took over toll booths and assaulted officers of the National Health Insurance Scheme, “sacked them from the office and locked up their premises”, creating insecurity in the country.
In their statement the YP, cited amongst other things the unlawful takeover of state institutions by some members of the governing NPP immediately the party took over in 2017 as some of the ways qualified citizens tagged NDC supporters were rendered jobless.
Elikem K. Kotoko reiterated that, “Ladies and gentlemen of the press, you are too familiar with the various youth, men and women, who were employed under the various government schemes, who have been sent home because they are to make way for NPP supporters and sympathizers to be recruited into their positions”.
He argued that, “Are these not contradictory positions to a government that promised to provide jobs? How do you pride yourself of having provided jobs by sacking people who are gainfully employed and replacing them with your party supporters? Is that the concept of job creation?”
The Youth Group, further exposed the Akufo-Addo government, saying Nana Addo is disappointing Ghanaians by failing to deliver on the majority of its campaign promises, including the ‘One Constituency, One $1 million, One District, One factory, One Village, One dam’ amongst others.
The General Security for YP, noted that though, the ruling NPP has an ambitious manifesto with captivating promises, but following the current situation in Ghana and on-going massive corruption, he doubts if the NPP had the intention of seeing those promises come to fruition. A. Awuyeh

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