NPP Minister In Sex Tape Drama

An exacting ‘sextortion’ that allegedly followed a supposed one-night-stand with a loose woman has played into the public gallery painting Deputy Northern Regional Minister, Solomon Boar Namliit, as a skirt-chaser.

Hon. Boar, who is also the MP for Bunkpurugu, is reported to have been constrained by exacting blackmail from a sex partner, Rafia Jawula, to run to the police after the lady’s imposition on the MP’s vulnerability became overbearing.

Alleged to be a material girl with expensive habits, Ms Jawula is reported to have demanded Ghc50,000 from Akufo-Addo’s Deputy Northern Regional Minister as ransom in exchange for her not uploading nude pictures and a video footage of alleged bonking session on the internet.

The porno video, said to be 30 seconds in length, allegedly captures the Bunkpurugu MP, a married Moslem, having extramarital sex with Ms Jawula.

The Deputy Northern regional Minister has not been available confirm or deny the story, as all attempts to contact him, including several calls to his phone, had not gone through.

Also, Northern Regional Minister, Salifu Saeed, refused to pick his calls or respond to texts from The Republic to him on the issue, while the Public Relations Officer for the Tamale Police, ASP Tanko Mohammed Yusif, has said that he does not have the details of the case.

Media reports have it that following the proposition of Ghc50,000 settlement by Rafia Jawula, the Deputy Northern Regional Minister had bargained down the ransom proposing to pay Ghc30,000 instead. The payment was supposed to be made through a bank transfer.

However, after Ms Jawula had received the payment, she was seduced by success to push her luck even more with the blackmailed, demanding a Toyota Camry in addition, instead of walking off with the 300million old cedis.

Reports say, upon this demand, the Deputy Northern Regional Minister felt his blackmailer was over imposing on his vulnerability and therefore approached the Tamale police for help.

Police investigations, according to reports, have since led to the arrest of Rafia Jawula and two men believed to be her accomplices. They are said to have since been granted bail as the police digs into the matter.

Strangely however, ASP Mohammed Yusif Tanko, the PRO for the Tamale police, when contacted on the issue, claimed that he does not have details of the case. Sources however say that the Tamale police are only trying to sweep the issue under the carpet.

A news portal,, which had initially reported that the Tamale police had since the granting of bail to the suspects, maintained tight lips on the issue, has since also pulled down the story without any explanation.

The Deputy Northern Regional Minister has not been available to speak to the issue, while his boss, the Northern Regional Minister, has refused to answer calls placed to him and respond to text queries on the issue.

The issue has since gone viral on social media and spawned an outpouring of scorn on the Deputy Northern Regional Minister.

In the heat of the denunciations, President Akufo-Addo, who appointed Hon Solomon Boar as Deputy Northern Regional Minister, has also not been spared.


Source: Samuels

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