..As Ghana Airport divert Zein Security Company’s

Cheque into a fraudulent account for Chop Chop

An aspirant in the Constituency chairman race of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) in Fomena (Ashanti) has fallen into the long arms of the law with prosecution for fraud opening up on him following a controversial transaction that has the Ghana Airport company dolling out four hundred and seventy seven thousand cedis, eight hundred and seventy two cedis, fifty pesewas (Gh477,872.50) to a fraudulent company.

Twum Ampofo Agyekum, a highly respected member of the ruling NPP stands accused of sharp practice that ended up in what can be described as the diversion of Ghc477, 872.50 (almost 4.8billion old cedis) from a private security firm with a possible connivance by the top management of the prestige Ghana Airport Company managed by John Dekyem Attafuah.

On 12 of March, 2018 Zein Security Company Limited initiated legal action, starting with a motion for an order of interlocutory injunction against Mr. Agyekum in the High Court in Accra.

Court documents that The Republic has sighted lay out the fraud elements to include forgery, impersonation and the diversion of cash.

Mr. Ampofo Agyekum is also depicted to have used the incumbency of his party, the NPP in government, as springboard for the execution of the fraud.

In what appears to be a double-edged litigation, Zein Security Company Limited is asking the court to compel the accused to refund the diverted money while calling his action as fraudulent, with particularizations.

An affidavit deposed to by Dennis Adusei, Assistant General Manager of Zein Security Company Limited, buttresses the statement of claim by the company in which the Ghana Airports Company is a second Defendant

According to the statement, Zein Security Company Limited which has been in operation since 2013 was approached by Mr. Twum Ampofo Agyekum, in May 2017 with the proposition to use his connection to the NPP government to win a contract for Zein with the Ghana Airports Company Limited – the government agency in charge of airports.

Consequently, a verbal agreement was entered into with Mr. Agyekum to the effect that he would be paid a facilitator’s fee after he had secured the contract.

Following from there, Agyekum asked Zein for some vital corporate documents, including the company’s certificate of Incorporation and operating license, which he claimed was needed to land the contract.

Sometime after the documents had been given Mr. Agyekum, he returned to Zein and claimed that in addition to the documents, the company had to make him a director before he could actualize the contract. Zein therefore agreed to make him a director, but on condition that he would cease to be director after the contract.

However, after Zein had officially notified the Registrar General’s Department about the addition of Mr. Agyekum as director of the company, it was noticed that the man had become dodgy on the issue of the contract.

While refusing to be straightforward about the contract, Mr. Agyekum is also said to have begun signing documents on behalf of the company on the blindside of the Board of directors of the company.

The unbecoming conduct of Mr. Agyekum led to the Board of directors removing him as a director. Incidentally, along the line Zein won the contract with the Ghana Airports Company to provide security at the Kotoka International Airport in Accra.

After the Airports company had duly written to Zein to inform it of winning the contract after the bidding process, Mr. Twum Ampofo Agyekum went to the plaintiff with the advice that there was the need for it to start executing the contract immediately. However, even though Zein had officially been notified of winning the contract, it had not received the contract documents to sign.

Later it emerged that Mr. Agyekum had signed the contract with the Airports company on behalf of Zein even though he was no longer a director. The same Twum Ampofo Agyekum had also gone on to recruit security guards, sewn uniforms for them and deployed them at Kotoka without recourse to Zein.

The company said when it found out about the moves it was taken aback, but because of the fact that its name and reputation was involved, it decided to go along, augmenting their operations with vehicles and later paying their salaries for January.

Subsequently, Zein received a cheque from the Ghana Airports Ltd in respect of the monthly salaries of the deployed recruits, but it realized that Zein’s company identity had been altered. Rather than Zein Security Company Limited, Twum Ampofo Agyekum had forged it as Zein Security Services Ltd. The company asked that the error be effected to which Ghana Airports Company complied.

In January this year, Mr. Agyekum approached Ghana Airports for an invoice so that the monthly salaries of the recruits could be paid and this led to a discussion about the need for Ghana Airports to deal directly with Zein, rather than through Agyekum.

Thereafter, Agyekum severed all ties with Zein. The company in turn wrote several letters to Ghana Airports dissociating itself from Agyekum and asking the GACL to also desist from dealing with Agyekum in respect of Zein’s contract with it and rather channel all future correspondence directly to Zein.

The GACL, according to Zein, never replied any of its numerous letters. The Republic on Saturday contacted John Attafuah, Managing Director of the Airports Company with the intent of enquiring why all the letters Zein had written dissociating itself from Agyekum had not been replied by the GACL. A rude John Attafuah had refused to speak to the issue, resorting to disdainful rigmarole.

According to the contract, Zein is to be paid Ghc477, 872.500 by the GACL for its services. However, in January 2018, when payment was requested, the GACL had not replied Zein.

The January payment remained unsettled until February’s was also due. It was when Zein followed up with the request for February’s payment that it was informed that Twum Amppofo Agyekum had collected the January payment on behalf of the company

Mr. Agyekum is said to have routed the payment through a National Investment Bank account in his name. He has since not paid the February salaries of most of the recruits, neither has he paid their SSNIT contributions for the month.

At this point, Zein also realized that even though Mr. Agyekum is not a director of the company, he had been holding himself out as such at the KIA on the blindside of the company.

The company says that apart from the fraud, Twum Ampofo Agyekum has cast Zein’s name in a bad light and also compromised security at the KIA.

It said Mr. Agyekum evinces the intent to procure the proceeds from the contract for his personal use and therefore asked the court to compel him to return the money

It also asked the court for a perpetual injunction restraining him and any assigns of his from intermeddling in the contract with the KIA since he is not a party to the contract.

Zein also wants an order directed at GACL to stop dealing with Mr. Agyekum in respect of its contract with it since Agyekum is not a director of the company as he fraudulently holds himself out to be.

Mr. Agyekum has not been available for comment. The Republic is however reliably in the know that he is busily campaigning to become the NPP’s Constituency Chairman for Fomena in the Ashanti region. Abbey

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