…After fanfare inauguration of Adusei C’ttee


The ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) appears to have tucked away skeletons from the 2016 general elections in a closet, after much fanfare that was used to announce an election review committee, doused out with time.

Over five months after the elephants inaugurated the Adusei Committee to review the party’s strange victory in the 2016 election, which was mired with a hack into the electronic database of the Electoral Commission, a report is yet to be put out.

This barrenness is in spite of the fact that at the time of the inauguration of the committee on May 10, this year, John Boadu, the NPP’s acting general secretary, had tasked the committee to produce a report within a timeline of three weeks.

The Republic has heard from sources who allege that the 10- member committee has since finished the review, but has not been able to put out a report because of centrality of the hack into the EC’s database to the victory of the NPP.

According to sources, the party cannot opt to leave out the issue of the hack into the EC’s database in the report because it would create a lacuna that the opposition NDC would easily detect and question.

The ruling party had extensively deployed computers in that particular 2016 election, with Joe Anokye, the current head of the National Communications Authority (NCA), believed to have been brought down from the US to help pull wizardry.

In the buildup to the election itself, some three South African ex- police officers that the NPP had smuggled into the country to supposedly train party security operatives had been smoked out by the BNI with what many consider as smoking gun on the NPP’s intent to rig the 2016 elections.

Major Ahmed Shaik Hazis (Rtd), Warrant Officer Denver Dwayne, and Captain Mlungiseli Jokani, had in March 2016, been caught holding copies of documents which detailed election results transmission work by Superlock Technologies Limited, the Israeli company that the EC had employed to transmit the previous 2012 election results.

A few months after they had been deported, the NPP won the 2016 election in December in a first round victory with a suspicious over 900,000 vote difference, against every expectation.

What’s more, the Electoral Commission had had to pause midway and announce that its electronic data transmission system had been hacked into.

A comprehensive report on the NPP’s victory would be deficient without capturing all these factors and, so, after the party had commissioned a 10-member committee in May, this year, to review their surprise victory, the report has since been shelved.

The committee had been led by Dr. Opoku Adusei, with Evans Nimako, Dr. Ohene Konadu, Joyce Boateng, Rita Asobayere and Alhassan Suleman as members.

Others were Nelson O. Ansah, Mr. Kusi Boafo, Mr. Osei Agyei and Dr. Mark Bediako.

The NPP’s acting general secretary, John Boadu, had tasked the committee to produce a report within three weeks after the official inauguration which had been specially done before television cameras.

However, since May 10, when the committee was commissioned, the report that it is said to have produced has since been shelved by the party, without even a hint from it released to the public.

Interestingly, the same NPP, which is clutching its election review report to its chest, has publicly faulted the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) for similarly keeping the report from an election review committee to itself.

In fact, the NPP, led by its media friends, have gone as far as playing clairvoyant and pulling contents of the Kwesi Botchwey Committee report from the air and publishing it in what is seen as a deliberate disinformation to help water down the NPP government’s epic incompetence and scandal proneness in power. Samuels

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