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…As Nana uses GFA in sour grape agenda against Uhuru Kenyatta’s Presidential victory

President Nana Akufo-Addo is apparently walking the talk that, “politics is show business for ugly people,” as it emerges that he and his government are continuing failed attempts to sabotage Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta, by other means.

Less than a month after the governing New Patriotic Party’s Peter Mac Manu was  deported from Kenya over suspicions of attempt to help the opposition NASA rig the 2017 elections, it has blossomed up that the NPP is sabotaging Uhuru Kenyattta’s government in the area sports.

According to the revelations, the Akufo-Addo government is advocating for Kenya to be stripped of the rights to host the 2018 African Nations’ Championship (CHAN).

The NPP government, through the Ghana Football Association (GFA) led by Kwesi Nyantakyi, is said to have joined in attempts to pressure the Confederation of African Football (CAF), to strip Kenya of the right to host the showpiece in 2018.

The revelation of the NPP government’s ‘war by other means’ against Uhuru’s government dropped as part of a match-fixing scandal that has allegedly incurred Ghana upcoming probes by CAN and FIFA.

A CAF delegation which visited Kenya in June, this year, had said they would be returning at the end of August to make a final decision on whether Kenya should be stripped of its hosting rights due to the lack of progress in preparing stadia for the matches.

However, Local Organizing Committee (LOC) Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Herbart Mwachiro, has since said that the country will have a few more days to make some progress.

It is as Ghana’s longstanding friend in East Africa works to make hope triumph over expectation that the Akufo-Addo government in Ghana is busily backstabbing Kenya.

What’s more, revelations about email communications between the Ministry of Sports, the GFA and sports officials from Burkina Faso are said to reveal that the local Black Stars’ loss to Burkina Faso earlier in the week was fixed.

CAF and FIFA are said to be on cue to start investigations into the match-fixing that broke the hearts of football-loving Ghanaians, when the local Black Stars strangely managed to lose on home turf in Ghana after they had earlier held the Burkinabe to a drawn game in Ouagadougou.

Two weeks after the local Black Stars had held the Burkinabes to a 2 – 2 drawn game in Burkina Faso, the same team managed to somehow lose 2 – 1 to the same team in Ghana, in spite of an atmosphere of massive home support.

After the loss, Maxwell Konadu, coach of the local Black Stars, quickly explained that the turnout that disqualified Ghana from participating in the 2018 CHAN to be held in Kenya was a hazard of football.

The coach, who did not sound sincere one bit, also apologized for the disappointment.

However, it has emerged that the whole game and the following sentiments that Maxwell Konadu had expressed were carefully choreographed, as the match had been fixed.

According to information that has emerged so far, the NPP government had intentionally caused the local Black stars to lose to their Burkinabe counterparts in an agenda to ensure that Ghana is absent from Kenya for the tournament.

Ghana’s engineered absence is said to be in solidarity with the opposition National Super Alliance (NASA) of Kenya, led by Raila Odinga, which has gone to court to contest Raila Odinga’s loss of the 2017 election to President Uhuru Kenyatta.

This is the same NASA, on whose plane ticket the NPP’s Peter Mac Manu, had traveled with Joe Anokye of the NCA, to ostensibly serve as Democratic Union of Africa (DUA) observers to the 2017 Kenyan elections.

The two had been deported immediately they entered the country on suspicion that they had gone to Kenya to help the opposition rig the election by hacking the Kenyan Electoral Commission’s electronic data system.

Earlier in 2016, the electronic data base of Ghana’s Electoral Commission had been hacked before Nana Akufo-Addo would be elected President.

The two Mc Manu, who had served as Akufo-Addo’s Campaign Manager, and widely deployed laptops, and Joe Anokye, an IT specialist, have long been suspected of being the hackers behind the hacking.

In engineering the local Black Stars’ failure to qualify, the NPP government had apparently used the GFA, led by Kwesi Nyantakyi, an FA boss that is believed to be pro-NPP and also regarded to have overstayed his welcome at the FA.

According to reports, email letters furnished to CAF and FIFA’s secretariats by whistleblowers from the Sports ministries and FA(s) of both Ghana and Burkina Faso, reveal that some officials of the football associations of the two countries in connivance with some government officials agreed to a “match-fixing” deal to enable Burkina Faso to qualify for the CHAN tournament in Kenya.

It has since been said that preliminary investigations by CAF have revealed that days before the match between the two countries, Col. Yacouba Quedraogo, Burkina Faso’s former sports minister, had come down to Ghana with other officials from Burkina Faso to seal the match-fixing deal.

The same Col. Yacouba Quedraogo is said to have only recently been suspended for an act of corruption that involved a referee.



Source: Fiifi Samuels

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