… Over Akufo-Addo’s crazy electricity bills

The Akufo-Addo led New Patriotic Party government,  which could not arrest members of the Delta Force goon squad after they had attacked and removed the Ashanti regional coordinator of National Security from office until there was public outcry has found alacrity to arrest in a similar scenario elsewhere.

In a clear matter of different strokes for different folks, the supposed leader of a violent demonstration by Yilo Krobo youth in Somanya over abnormal electricity bills has been arrested over the demo.

The arrest of Jonas Tetteh,  alias Dendenden was carried out Rambo style yesterday morning. As at the time of going to press yesterday it was not clear if he had been released on bail.

But the swift arrest has since set tongues wagging about the eagerness of the NPP government to arrest and prosecute in pro National Democratic Congress strongholds but exhibit reluctance in cases involving party thugs in its stronghold in Ashanti.

After the Delta Force,  a pro NPP goon squad had attacked and removed the Ashanti regional Coordinator of National Security from office,  the Government had been reluctant until there was an outcry and public bashing.

Even so,  13 goon squad members who had been eventually arrested and arraigned before court were later wrenched from court by other members of that squad and since then prosecutors have claimed there is no evidence to drive the prosecution.

In the case of the Somanya demonstration,  it is difficult to identify any given person who vandalized government properties but the leader of the demonstrators has already been arrested.

The demonstrator had hit town in anger and besieged the Electricity Company of Ghana’s main office there in protest against abnormal bills.

The siege,  had been totally unplanned but had been suddenly triggered when in the process of planning for a peaceful demonstration for next week,  ECG staff stormed the house of one of the leaders of the planned demonstration to disconnect his electricity meter.

After the disconnection of the meter at Jonas Tetteh’s house,  the ECG staff had also proceeded to his brick factory to disconnect the meter there.

Mr.  Tetteh,  alias Dendenden,  an Assemblyman in the area is one of thousands of residents within the Yilo and Manya Krobo municipalities who have been faced with abnormally skyrocketing bills since Akufo-Addo became President.

With residential facilities being served with bills as hefty as Ghc4, 000 a month for using just a bulb and ceiling fans, part of the problem has been huge backlogs of bills that had not been collected by the ECG in the area for years.

The residents,  who feel totally shortchanged by the ECG’s actions also felt deceived by President Nana Akufo-Addo who had promised to reduce cost of electricity to the barest minimum during the 2016 election campaigns.

And so armed with both anger against ECG and disappointment in Akufo-Addo’s NPP government,  the residents met to plan a peaceful demonstration.  It was while they were in the process of planning the demo that the ECG staff stormed the house of one of the leaders of the demonstrators to disconnect his electricity meter.

Later the ECG staff proceeded to Jonas Tetteh’s brick factory and disconnected the meter there too.

The action of the ECG staff angered the youth who flew into a rage and made a move to confront them.  But fearing for their lives,  the ECG staff had shown a clean pair of heels,  abandoning two of their vehicles which were set upon by the youth and vandalized.

Later the angry demonstrators had besieged the offices of the ECG attracting journalists to the scene.

“How can I be expected to pay Gh4000 for April alone when I use only a bulb and a ceiling fan? Is this what Akufo-Addo promised us?” One  demonstrator asked a journalist angilly.

Another said,  “This government has really deceived us… the same people who told us that they will bring electricity down if we elect them,  see what they are doing now. ”

It took the intervention of the Member of Parliament for the area,  Hon.  Kofi Amoatey,  to prevent possible carnage.

Even so after some disconnected meters had been returned by ECG staff the youth had warned that if ECG staff went into town to disconnect any more meters,  they would be fiercely resisted.

It is in the aftermath of the disturbances that the leader of the demonstrators has been arrested with the sort of alacrity that would have been more befitting in scenarios in recent past.

The Delta Force goons who had overthrown proceedings in a Kumasi court and freed 13 of their colleagues had been forced to report themselves to the police after the government had refused to arrest them sparking public outcry.

It is not exactly clear why the ECG in the Yilo Krobo municipality have suddenly decided to bombard residents with overdue bills. It may however not be unconnected to the impending concessionary take over of the state power distributor.

Six companies have already been shortlisted by government as prospective concessionaires even though President Akufo-Addo had promised during the 2016 election campaign to stop the concessionary take over which had been initiated by the predecessor NDC government.


Source: Saul Paul

The Republic News Online

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