The proverbial political cocoa season, which is known on the Ghanaian political calendar as the time when elections, especially party primaries take place, is said to be in a frenzied uptake in the Tema West Constituency branch of the ruling NPP.

Elephants are seeking to milk elephants as Polling Station executives allegedly demand huge sums of money from sitting MP, Carlos Kingsley Ahenkorah as precondition for allowing him to run unopposed in 2020.

The Republic has learnt that NPP Polling Station executives in Tema West have demanded that Mr. Ahenkorah appease them with money if he wants to run unopposed in the party’s upcoming Parliamentary primary for 2020.

As Tema West is a stronghold of the NPP, the Constituency Executives are allegedly saying that monetary settlement by Mr. Ahenkorah is effectively his purchase of a one way ticket to reelection in 2020.

Sources say that the Polling Station executives are making the demand because there is no indication whatsoever that anybody would want to challenge Mr. Ahenkorah in the party’s upcoming primary.

The MP is enjoying a lot of goodwill, less than a year into office as Legislator with many supposedly poised to revote him into the Legislature. However, even in a race between the tortoise and the hare, the work of the umpire would count.

The Polling Station executives are allegedly threatening to sabotage Mr. Ahenkorah if he does not give them money.

Sources say that the first line of sabotage that the Polling Station executives plan to mount if Carlos does not pay up is to put up a Candidate of their own to challenge him at the party primary where attempts would be made to at least ensure that the vote ends in controversy.

Then the executives would later go on and help the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) to steal the vote for the Candidate that they will put up against Carlos Ahenkorah in the national election.

The Republic has heard that the candidate that the Polling Station executives plan to put up against Carlos Ahenkorah in the party primary is one Kwesi Poku Bosompem. Interestingly, Mr. Bosompem is said to be a former ally of former MP, Irene Naa Torshie Addo whom Carlos had beaten in the party’s Parliamentary primary in 2014 to unseat after Naa Torshie had been in Parliament on the NPP’s ticket for two terms.

It is said that Hon. Naa Torshie, now District Assemblies Common Fund Administrator, does not see prospects in running for the NPP’s ticket in 2020 because Carlos Ahenkorah is too popular to beat at the moment.

With Naa Torshie, being the only formidable prospective opposition, her alleged decision not to run for the ticket, supposedly has opened the way for Mr. Ahenkorah to go unopposed in the NPP’s impending primary, which would most likely lead to his reelection as MP since Tema West is a formidable stronghold of the NPP.

The Polling Station executives are said to be therefore demanding that Carlos make good of the cocoa season in the build up to the Parliamentary primary by paying them off or incur sabotage and disruption from them.

It is not yet clear if the MP intends to pay them off. Adotey

The Republic News Online

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