NPP Driven Ghana to a Hopeless State– John Afull


The Weija /Gbawe Communications Officer for main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), John Afful  has described the budget read in Parliament by the Finance Minister in Parliament as hopeless state budget.

According to him, the budget contains nothing that will bring hope to the people of Ghana

Early this year,thus the  2017 budget, it was titled ‘sowing the seed for growth’ and that seed has still not germinated in the pockets of Ghanaians and this time round, they have gone to add  another ‘Adwuma’ budget for 2018, he stated.

In his view, the seed the NPP sowed in the 2017 budget  was a wrong seed for it  has rather brought hardships to the people and made the country a hopeless state as it appears.

Mr.Afull made these observation in an interview with THE REPUBLIC in Accra yesterday.

He blasted the government for being inconsistent in its policies, stating that, “as we speaks, the DKM customers have not been paid, contractors not been paid and farmers who have their farms destroyed early this year have not been compensated yet we spent much money without results from the 2017 budget.”

He added that if the 2018 budget contained anything for Ghanaians, the spare parts dealers at Abbosey Okai would have  been jubilated like they did in the beginning of this year when the sham tax cut on spare parts was announced.

Mr Afful who is aspiring to be Chair man for the Weija /Gbawe constituency said, the 2018 do not bring any significant change from the previous one, and described it as “Indome” budget mean for just to loot the state resources for NPP members.

He added that the one hundred thousand jobs promised in the budget is a sham as it would not give any sustainable jobs to  unemployed graduates, nothing that it mean to trick the youth into believing that the government was on course in delivery it’s promises.

The NDC Communicator further mocked that the Akufo-Addo’s 2018 budget read by the Finance Minister only underlines the fact that the administration is not equipped to face the challenges of governance.

“There has not been any indication that the administration is serious and determined to deliver on its campaign promises upon which they rode to power.”

“The President and his Finance Minister must know that Ghanaians did not give them the mandate to engage in frivolous excuses, storytelling and peddling of lies but to hit the ground running with solutions and quick fixes they promised during the campaign,” Mr Afull reiterated.

He said, the Finance Minister courageously lied that the dumsor was fixed by the Akufo-Addo administration when they knew it was Mahama Administration that fixed dumsor.

“In their attempt to find an escape route in their bogus campaign promises, they have started taking credit for Mahama’s achievements. How many megawatts of power have they added to what was added to the stock by Mahama,” Mr Afful asked.

He noted that President Mahama as part of his plans to meet the growing electricity demand (10-12%) per annum, took steps aimed at fixing permanently the perennial shortfalls in power generation which led to load shedding exercises in 1983, 1998, 2006/7 and the dumsor during his tenure.

This, he  urged President Akufo Addo and his team to rise up to the realities and take urgent steps to solve the mess they are  creating.


Source: Engsalige Nyaaba

The Republic News Online

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