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.…As MJ Grand Hotel Turns Recruitment Ground

The 2017 recruitment process for the Youth Employment Agency (YEA) has been blemished with legal violation, as it appears that the New Patriotic Party (NPP) government is using it to cherry-pick family, friends and regime cronies.

Apparently driven by a meritocracy that is based on how close a citizen is to the regime, the recruitment has led to the vandalism of the law, which established YEA, as it has been centralized in Accra, in direct contravention of the YEA Act 887 (2015), which requires that recruitments are done at the district level.

Consequently, the MJ Grand Hotel in East Legon, Accra, has become a national recruitment nerve center, as the new management of YEA has set up applicants’ processing station there.

The Republic sources have revealed that, in centralizing the recruitment machine to give the new management of YEA freewheeling space to recruit only NPP loyalists, YEA’s servers have been removed from its national head office and set up at the hotel.

Resultantly, 2017 recruits into YEA are being short-listed and interviewed at the MJ Grand Hotel in East Legon, Accra.

Unhappy insiders point to the fact that the transformation of a private hotel into a YEA recruitment ground vandalizes the YEA law which prescribes that all applicants are interviewed and short- listed at the district level as part of recruitment.

But the centralization of YEA’s recruitment process in Accra and the relocation of same to a private hotel is apparently just one of many moving parts of a corrupt instrument of cronyism that the YEA has become under President Nana Akufo-Addo.

The Republic has seen special recruitment forms that are circulating around NPP party offices around the country.

Sources say these forms are specially given to loyalists of the ruling party as a surety of recruitment into YEA.

Different from a general recruitment form that is online, these special recruitment forms circulating around offices of the ruling party are used to distinguish NPP loyalists from the rest of other Ghanaian youth who apply for recruitment into YEA.

Once an aspiring recruit presents the special recruitment form, alongside the online process, they automatically are deemed more qualified to be recruited.

In an ‘Animal Farm’ status that YEA has come to assume, therefore, the special recruitment form is a crucial symbol of NPP loyalty that makes a prospective recruit bearing it more qualified than a prospective recruit that does not bear it.

A third moving part of the corrupt apparatus for crony recruitment that YEA has become, according to sources, is systematic and deliberate sideline of YEA’s Information Technology operators.

I.T. officials in charge at YEA before the NPP came to power have systematically been sidelined by the new NPP management, The Republic has learnt.

Sources point out, for instance, that the relocation of YEA’s Servers to the MJ Grand Hotel was done without the involvement of the IT guys of YEA who have the expertise and institutional memory to handle such relocation.

Sources say the reason for the sideline of the IT guys is to enable the new management to remove some of the already existing beneficiaries that were recruited during the erstwhile National Democratic Congress regime, from YEA’s portal, to make way for NPP loyalists that are being recruited.

“Look, these people (NPP) are bent on ensuring that they fill YEA with as many party people as possible… they are doing everything to make sure of that,” a source said.

Attempts by The Republic to get a reaction from the agency have proved futile, as a promise to get back to this reporter after a call had been placed to the head office requesting comments never materialized.

Subsequent calls to the same agency were not received.

Meanwhile, worried sources have pointed out that the new recruitment drive to fill YEA with only NPP loyalists could be a banana peel in future, as it totally vandalizes YEA’s law which requires that recruitments are done in conjunction with implementation partners.

“By requesting for all application forms to be moved from district offices to the regions and the Head office, Management is trying to shortlist through the backdoor in a way that sidelines private sector partners who naturally would want to work with efficient recruits,” the source said.

A short-listing of only party loyalists, which sidelines private sector implementation partners therefore, is like a trap that the new management is setting for the government.

Meanwhile, the mere fact that management is short-listing from a nerve centre at a private hotel in Accra portends serious infraction of law, as the YEA Act prescribes that the short-listing be done at the district level.





Source: Samuels

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