NPP Busted Over 70 Stolen State Cars

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) that claims that it has come to fight corruption, and, hence, wants Ghanaians’ support to set up an independent special prosecutor’s office, has been caught flat-footed, hiding about 70 stolen state vehicles at Nsawam.

These 70 stolen state vehicles were traced to an NPP member’s house in Nsawam, who apparently was charged to keep the cars away from Ghanaians for the party use.

After crying “wolf” and raising tornados in a tea cup over supposed theft of state cars by appointees of the immediate past government, it turns out that the NPP hid these alleged stolen state cars from Ghanaians for themselves.

This expose was made by Kumasi based radio and television stations, Kessben fm and television to the surprise of Ghanaians.

Apparently, as part of the plan to steal the state cars, the NPP premeditatedly used a reverse-psychology ploy – they began by accusing the immediate past NDC appointees of stealing the vehicles.

These cunning and consistent accusations against the NDC were carefully carried out by pro-NPP media across the country.

All effort by Ghanaians to know from the Akufo-Addo-led ruling NPP who the supposed thieving previous government appointees were never elicited any answers.

The deputy chief of staff, Mr. Johnny Osei-Kofi, in the erstwhile Mahama administration, told Ghanaians they had handed over a list of over 707 vehicles including 176 V8s, 53 Toyota Land Cruiser Prados, Saloon cars and Ambulances belonging to the state, when the officials of the NPP started the accusations.

Till date, the ruling NPP has not shown remorse by way of telling Ghanaians the truth about these stolen state vehicles they consistently decried for almost seven months; until Kessben fm recently traced about 70 of these stolen state cars to the house of the NPP man.



Source: A. Awuyeh

The Republic News Online

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