No Good Roads, No Voting 2020

-Gomoa Nyanyano Safari Estates Chiefs, People Threaten

The chiefs and people of Gomoa Nyanyano Safari Estates have threatened to boycott the 2020 elections if their main access road linking Kasoa to Nyanyano,  which is in a deplorable state, is not rehabilitated as early as possible.

Speaking to newsmen in an interview at Safari Estates during last weekend, the aggrieved chiefs and residents noted that getting to the 2016 elections the NDC government sent cement and other materials to rehabilitate the very poor road which is full of manholes and water but could not do the work till it lost the previous elections for the new government to come.

The residents hinted that immediately NDC lost the elections, the contractor in charge of that project quickly went and packed all the cement and tools from the site to a destination not known to the residents, leading to disappointments and frustration of the people there as the road further deteriorates.

What is even more painful is the fact that the chief of the area (name withheld for obvious reasons) led the road builders to remove and destroy kiosks along the road to give way for the rehabilitation of the road, and now, as the road was not done, all manner of people, according to the said chief, have started pointing fingers at him.

The chief also corroborated the position that, the contractor graded the road nicely, but when NDC lost power, the contractor stopped work and took away all the bags of cement and the equipment to an unknown destination.

According to the local chiefs in the area, if the President, Nana Akufo- Addo, does not intervene for the right thing to be done to repair the damaged road, the people will boycott the next general elections.

They noted that they do not want a situation whereby the road will be declared as a political road, as we all know that it belongs to the nation as a whole and not for any political party.

The local chiefs noted that if the road is not being constructed, then when it is voting time no one should think of going to campaign in the area since no audience will be granted to any politician until a good road is constructed for them.

The chiefs noted that the road is so bad that vehicles which usually ply it have to park, leaving the people to walk for long distances to their destinations, including pregnant women and children and the physically challenged, among other vulnerable persons.

The residents noted that they voted for a better government to address their problems, so it is their prayer that the new government will listen to their plight and support them promptly, or else they will advise themselves at the appropriate time.

The women among them noted that they are many and ready to demonstrate if the road is still not constructed for them and also they are ready to boycott the next elections in their numbers, so the earlier the government constructs it, the better.

They noted that all that they need is a good road and neat gutters so that the station cars which have stopped operating due to the bad road will come back.

According to them, when it rains it is even worse because the road becomes impassable, leading to long distances of walking and suffering by residents.

They noted that the place is peaceful without many problems except the poor road which has been their headache that must be addressed as early as possible.

They went further to explain that, about 200 bags of cement that the contractor deposited in a 20-footer container, just to be taken away nicodemously after NDC lost the previous elections, and after having destroyed people’s shops and properties along the roadside in the name of road construction, which is now a mirage.

The aggrieved people have threatened to go on a demonstration to the Flagstaff House to present a petition to the government in protest against the social injustice meted out to them, as they continuously pay tax, but are being sidelined as far as their road is concerned, whilst at other places the roads are in good shape.

The people noted that if a contract is being awarded by government to road contractors to construct the road with gutters, they are ready to cooperate in diverse ways possible with the contractor to do the work with ease and efficiency.




Source: Odae.


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