In the beginning was the propaganda, and the propaganda was with Alubuntu; and the propaganda was Alubuntu.

And so it has come to pass that after Alubuntu had sent his azaa man, Mugu Yaro, to promise that Ghanaman would never borrow under him as Amega, this land of our birth is now saddled with Ghc40billion in fresh debt, just nine moons into Alubuntu’s reign as Amega.

Toorr, even so, Alubuntu is preparing to chase after the Kung Fu people for 20billion Donaltrumpic dollars more in loans, is he not?

It is no longer news that the same Alubuntu who promised never to run family and friends government has now redefined Ghanaman’s Democracy into Akuffocracy – government of the Akuffos, by the Akuffos for the Akuffos; with back pass to friends, girlfriends and baby mamas.

But then, what is this thing I’m hearing about “Idiocracy” Akologo? Sebiotafrakye, nyebro, if Akuffocracy is defined the way it is, then I see a rather unflattering inferable logic in the matter of the definition of idiocracy; or?

Tsoo, so what I’m thinking is right, Akologo? Idiocracy is government of idiots, by idiots for idiots! Mbanor, Ako, you will make us start living in panic and fear in this countryooo!!

Have you so soon forgotten about the torture of Appiah Stadium and the current tribulations of Radio Gold and Montie? Fonye, be warned! Our short Amega is not only short in stature, he is also short in temper!

A word to the wise is in the North, travel up there and pick it up.

Having warned you so my brother, let me hasten to add that I do not chide you in disagreement; nodaabi da. Sebi, sebi, sebi a government in which the Senior Minister is not a member of Cabinet, even though Cabinet is defined as a committee of senior Ministers, that sure looks clownish.

And yes, we all know Alubuntu’s Agric Minister is preoccupied with dyeing his hair with yombo rather than fighting armyworms that are destroying our farms. His Attorney General is blissfully ignorant of state contracts, but happy to toss Nolle Prosequi like a rap punchline.

Hell, in this government of Amega Alubuntu, even assistant prefects in charge of staff are called Thieves-of-Staff.

But in the inglorious reputation of this Kukruduu concert party, Alubuntu himself leads the circus, does he not? Ah, our Amega preoccupies himself with sacking and appointing PROs and watchmen!

Even so, I swear goats, this watchmen sacking business, coupled with Alubuntu chasing after $20billion from China in exchange for handing over $460billion worth of Ghanaman bauxite, is not as comic as his organization of a whole durbar to announce the restoration of allowances to Nursing trainees. Mbanor, that is idiocratic!

And so yes, my brother Akologo, I see your point about Akuffocracy degenerating into Idiocracy. All am saying is be careful about how, where and to whom you say it.

Emom’, Alubuntunsopaaadiee, so he has committed to pay Ghc23.2million as allowance to 58,000 nursing trainees when our government is broke and struggling to pay salaries? Ei! Common sense is common, but never sold in the market indeed.

To think that in that very week that he had restored the allowances for nurses, commercial drivers had demonstrated over unprecedented astronomical fuel prices that this land of our birth has never seen before! Me, Kofi Abodepim Nyantomango, I say it is silly to commit to spend Ghc23.2million every month on just 58,000 nurses, when the rest of the 29million Ghanamanians are at risk of serious hardships because looming strikes by commercial drivers over hikes in fuel prices.

I put it to all of us that if our government were to be intelligent and not propagandist, that huge amount of money would have been spent on subsidizing fuel, at least for the time being, so that the larger populace of Ghanaman would benefit.

But of course we have a circus in place of government in Ghanaman now, with Amega Alubuntu himself as chief clown, and so we can afford to dash Ghc23.2million to nursing trainees every moon-die, even though we cannot subsidize fuel. What is even more ironic is that the same Alubuntu, who is paying these trainees allowances, is also in the process of ending the bond system which assured their employment upon graduation from school.

Who does not know that many graduate nurses in Ghanaman remain unemployed because there are no enough hospitals? Wouldn’t it have been wiser if Alubuntu had rather spent these huge sums of money on building more hospitals instead? It was not as if before the restoration of the allowances, the nursing trainees did not have any source of money – they were on students loans like every other tertiary student.

And who can forget that the restoration of the allowances has meant that the quota system which JM and the Umbrella boys and girls had abolished has returned? I hear as many as 1,600 qualified people have been turned away this year alone by nursing training colleges, not because they do not have admission space, but because the idiocratic government of Alubuntu has reinstated the quota system.

Hmm, propaganda, the building blocks of Alubuntu’s Akuffocracy has indeed mutated into idiocracy! Haaba!!

At the risk of sounding idiocratic myself, let me ask this one ooo… So if Alubuntu has Ghc23.2million to spend every month on paying allowances to nursing trainees, why has his government only released 20% of the money needed for Free SHS this year? Is it that he is doing voodoo mathematics or what?

Anyway, did any of you see the immediate reaction of the students in the five colleges of Agric in Ghanaman following the restoration of the nursing trainees allowances? Oh yes, they also demanded to have their allowances restored.

I was so disgusted when that incompetent yombo-wearing minister, OkotoFriyie, told the picketing Agric students that their grievance would be channeled to Alubuntu’s Cabinet for consideration. Nkaa? … So when Alubuntu and his Kukruduu were promising to restore the allowances of these same Agric students during the election they did not have ready plans in place to effect the restoration? Ei.

And then there is the issue of the source of cash. Where is this broke government, which is now borrowing to pay salaries, going to get the money from to dole out another 23.2million as free money to Agric students every month?

The way things are going, I wouldn’t be surprised if students in every college in Ghanaman, including the Ghanaman Institute of Journalism (GIJ), arise and also demanded free allowances. After all is any given course more important than others?

My brother Akologo, I perfectly agree with you that what Ghanaman is having now as statecraft is indeed an Idiocracylaa; tsooo!

And this Idiocracy, which is a family, friends, girlfriends and Baby Mamas government keeps growing like lactogen baby. Oh yes, I know you have heard about the appointment of Mugu Yaro’s Father-in-law as Ambassador to the UAE.

They say that Amadu Ramadan is going to the UAE as Ghanaman’s first ever Ambassador. Congratulations to him for being one of the bluebloods of this idiocratic government of Alubuntu. His pikin don take her nyas go collect come again!

So after MuguYaro’s brother in law, Abuu Ramadan got fixed into NADMO, it’s now time for the father himself. Ayoo.

So this idiocracy is no longer limited to family, friends, girlfriends and baby mamas alone, abi?

It now includes Akontas as well.



Source: therepublicnewsonline.com

The Republic News Online

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