……Belated Happy Founder’s Day Ghanaman!

– Ahem…

Belated Founder’s Day to you all fellow Ghanamanians; Brothers and sisters, ladies and gentlemen, bitches and gentle dogs!

That’s right; I hear a bark in the distance. Sebio tafrekye, in this land of our birth and death, even dogs know that Ghanaman has a Founder. No so-called Founders who need apostrophes as walking stick have our hearts. Yaakaama oo!

Eerm, so, ok; on Founder’s Day, 21st September, what did I do with my time?…well, I paid a visit to Osagyefo. Yes, I longed to see our Old man again and so I went to spend some time with him.

And you know Osagyefo; the great Kofi Nwia Kwame Nkrumah himself, Founder of Ghanaman, glorious son of Afrikana and God’s own arm of elevation for the Black Race; no encounter with him is ever common!

Kpor ra, as I entered into the gates of the Mausoleum at the Old Polo Grounds, a gush of liberty washed over me like I have never felt before, bringing me to a grand epiphany – the freedom that I so take for granted today, including the liberty to shoot off my mouth anyhow, is a priceless gift that came at a cost.

Special, the feeling made me; but it also made me penitent at the same time Ziboyim; it welled up a strange need for me to reach out and embrace Ghanaman our own Mother and fall on to her shoulder with a teary declaration of my undying love for her.

“With all your faults, Ama Ghana, I still love you, Mother!” I wanted to just cry out. Eye hu ooo.

Somehow, however, I managed to stroll to the statue of Osagyefo and as I looked up at him, the words rang in my mind: “Oh if we can see this far, it’s because we stand on your shoulders, Osagyefo!”

This was not the climax Ziboyim; hmm… I actually went into a trance! This was when I strolled to where the graves hold Osagyefo and his Fathia, side by side. I remember smiling and whispering softly that “Fathia fata Nkrumah,” … then wooooz…it happened!

The Old Polo Grounds suddenly came to life with crowds of roaring Ghanamanians who tore through the midnight air with voices of wild jubilations and animated conversations. Amidst a tidal rise and fall of voices, I saw some people drumming and dancing.

Then, there was a sudden upsurge in the cacophony and at the same time I saw a sudden restlessness among the crowds as people, like sand at the seashore heaved frontward and backwards with attentions turned to a spot. I followed their gaze and then I saw a podium, on which Osagyefo had emerged waving a handkerchief and dancing together with some five other people as all of them wore smocks.

Quickly, things settled down and Osagyefo took hold of the attention of the people.

“At Long last, the battle has ended, and Ghana, your beloved country, is free forever!” Osagyefo had bellowed, sending the whole crowd into frenzy.

As the crowd jumped into jubilation, something moved me and I found out I could walk through the crowd without any impediment. I was like an apparition.

Whatever was moving me somehow got me interested in looking for J.B. Danquah, Obetsebi-Lamptey, Edward Akufo-Addo and the rest of the UGCC gang, but I did not find any of them there.

Then I remembered! … during the declaration of independence on the 6th of March, 1957, J.B. Danquah and cohorts, had boycotted the event in protest! …they had preferred that Ghanaman remained a colonial land in the clutches of the British.

Who does not know that after Osagyefo had tabled the Motion of Destiny as Prime Minister in 1954, Danquah, had sent Busiah and other cohorts to the Queen’s Land in to beg, plead, cajole and threaten that Ghanaman be not given independence?

Akologo, Ziboyim Agbayimi, all of you, are you not aware that even after Rev. Anaman had proposed that Gold Coast be renamed Ghanaman after Independence, Danquah had rather proposed that our great motherland be named Akan Land. And who can forget that the same people had fought against the inclusion of Trans Volta Togolan and the Northern territories to Ghanaman by Osagyefo.

These gbevuo, and yaakaamaoo!

Fellow Ghanamanians, I Kofi Abodwepim Nyantomago, state the obvious, when I say that Alubuntu’s decision to change Founder’s Day, into Founders’ Day so that saboteurs like, Busia, and his uncle, J.B. Danquah, can be celebrated as Founders of Ghanaman is not only an insult, it’s a sacrilege! For crying out loud, even after Osagyefo had secured us independence these traitors had asked that we let Queen Elizabeth’s effigy remain on our pesewa coin currency!

Aah, to think that Danquah was a spy for the Americans who had provided konkonsa services to CIA in exchange for money, and Obetsebi was a first class terrorist bombardier, who later led bombings against Osagyefo and his government makes me want to vomit that today we are supposed to see them as Founders!

Ziboyim, when I finally stepped out of that Mausoleum, I was possessed by anger, nay, angst. Kpor, I moved in a hurry to the house and picked up my sharpest hunting cutlass. Mansrototo, don’t give me that surprise look Alubuntu has insulted our intelligence enough!

My march to Flagstaff House to chop off his neck was only stopped by Yaa. You know my wife and her legendary right hook. Hm. Even so, it took two upper cuts and a rather vicious dig into the groin before I would climb down from cloud nine to terra firma.

And of course, I have had fever and body ache since.

This is how I spent my Founder’s Day, Ziboyim; this is why I could not join in the Solidarity march that the Umbrella boys and girls had helped to organize.

Save your breath old friend, I have seen all the photos from the event and I know it was massive. Do not worry about the bruises either, you know Yaa, those hands of hers like ntaaboo, which she use to beat me into ill health  are the very same hands that nurse me back to health.

As for the matter of my intent to avenge Osagyefo with my cutlass, well, on the night of the 21st of September, as I lay having a fever from Yaa’s bone-shaking beatings, he appeared to me in a vision, and rebuked me sternly for the attempt to violently avenge his honor.

Osagyefo told me it was foolish of me to have picked up the sword against an enemy who has already lost the battle and only suffering from a special type of post traumatic stress – elephantastic stupidioces, or so they call it.

He pointed out to me that, Alubuntu and his Kukruduu are supposed to be lawyers Akukudem! That being the case, the name of the game over who the real Founder of Ghanaman is, should be evidence.

“My dear Kofi, if evidences are the bullets of the war that they are fighting here, do you need anybody to show you that we have already won? Look around you, who does the AU honor, Danquah or me? Who has been voted African of the Millennium, Danquah or me? Who is recognized outside Ghanaman as the icon of our independence struggle, Danquah or me? But most important of all, who do you Kofi Nyantomago, acknowledge as Founder of Ghanaman, Danquah or me?” Osagyefo had asked rhetorically.

He had pointed out other things that I do not remember, save for this, that history is already judging the saboteurs and their descendants.

And history will continue to judge them; yaakaam oo!

Tweaa, I heard the story of a Ghanamanian who went to Afghanistan and started asking about J.B. Danquah and his relation to the struggle for Ghanaman’s independence; he was nearly bombed on suspicion of mouthing a code name for a new terror squad.

Mmm! Who reaps where he has not sown without trouble? Worst, these traitors are not only trying to reap where they have not sown, but reaping where they had tried to kill the crops with thorns!

Anyway, Osagyefo has said we should leave them be so that they can hang themselves with the long ropes he has given them.

Talking of the elephants hanging themselves, Ive been thinking… now that they preach so much about the need to share glories in the matter of the struggles and development of Ghanaman because it’s important for the cohesion of this country of our birth, question is, are they also prepared to share the credit over Free SHS with JM and the Umbrella boys and girls?

After all didn’t the Umbrella boys and girls start Free SHS?

I must be on my way now to the village clinic for check up, brothers and sisters; but belated happy Founder’s Day to you all fellow Ghanamanians!

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