….The Stupidity of the Elephants…

– Tsoooo! Yeikoei ta?…

So all the blows, the hooks and the punches; in all the shadow boxing, by Alubuntu’s jacks-in-office, over Nyinahin’s bauxite was much ado about a China loan?… Ei!

Esther Kubi is not a careless miner who has neglected to walk a tightrope as is being claimed, only the elephants are trying to make her a whipping boy? Sheepoi ooo!

Look, me, Abodwepim Nyantomango; I am my father’s son. 15billion Donaldtrumpic dollars is gargantuan enough to make anybody’s eyes go gaga, his nose go gagamumu and his mouth assume the arrogance of Kpokpoblibli, I admit. But in this oversized, tugyimi government full of lawyers akukudam, I expected some intelligence. Haaba!

Asibi, doesn’t even the Good Book admonish that we should not let the sun go down on our stupidity?… I know it’s “anger,” but “stupidity” is more befitting in this scenario, trust me.

How long now, since Mugu Yaro returned from Kung Fu land with the news that the yellow people have $15billion waiting to collect? Oh I remember very well how the 15billion had gone from grant, to 15billion loan to 15billion leverage…

But you see, because the evil that women do, always lives in front of them, soon enough, we heard the cost to Ghanaman was going to be in the form of our bauxite from the Atiwa reserve. I, Kofi Nyantomango, still maintain my Oyiwa over that revelation… but that is beside the point now.

Luki, my point is, since Mugu Yaro dropped the news that sent the elephant into rope-a-dope, it has been long enough to return down to terra firma. So how is it that, Esther Kubi’s concession is a source of covetousness to the elephants, because the Chinese are knocking on the door?

Oh so Asibi, Luki, you people have not heard?…aaah you too, Sampana?….eeeh. Etsey, tell them….okay, no, I will tell you myself:

They say, Alubuntu and his kitchen Cabinet which excludes Senior Jack-in-office, Osofo Mafia, met recently with the meeting nearly ending in blows. Mbam, I swear, I heard as much!..they say, Mugu Yaro nearly tore somebody’s jaw.

Eeeh, the meeting was all about how to go and collect the 15billion that the Kung Fu people dangled before the eyes of Mugu Yaro when he was in Kung Fu land recently.

We all remember how Mugu Yaro had, of course, announced the barter arrangement to give out 450billion dollars worth of bauxite in Okyeman to the China Kung Fu in exchange for the 15 billion dollars; eeeeeh.

But I hear Amoatia, that slang twirling swag-on-papa King of Okyeman has kicked against the whole arrangement ooo, yes, they say he has even sworn fair and foul that no gaddamn short Chinese yellow Kung Fu son of Wenchiaow will be allowed to mine bauxite in Okyeman.

Amoatia, who is Alubuntu’s hometown King, is said to have warned Alubuntu not to try his politricks with Okyman resources and that Alubuntu ought to be ashamed of himself for plotting with Mugu Yaro to sell out Okyeman’s bauxite to Kung Fu people just so he can get money to do political kekye, especially that one district, one factory super promise.

And you know Amoatia; that nigger looks like he loves guns!…Alubuntu has since kept his distance, I hear.

As he shifted his politricks from Okyeman, however, Alubuntu and the elephants saw Esther Kubi’s Nyinahini bauxite concession as eye candy. All the patapaa you see her being subjected to, therefore are just dirty tricks in attempts to rob Esther Kubi to pay Kung Fu Land for the 15billion!

But if you have been following the news, Esther Kubi has not just taken the blows on a hard chin ooo; Esther Kubi is preparing to drag Alubuntu and his government to court; hence, the urgent kitchen Cabinet meeting, of course.

I hear the meeting was butubutu. Many of the jacks-in-office, including Alubuntu’s former girlfriend, Esula, vehemently spoke against the takeover of Esther Kubi’s concession as it was going to be like ananse ntintan for Alubuntu and his government if Esther Kubi goes to court.

However, I hear Mugu Yaro had been angry at this position taken by Esula and others, including Akyia de Attason, and had advocated the takeover of the concession of Esther Kubi even though Mugu’s own Ntani brother is behind Esther Kubi.

As Mugu Yaro, who is no lawyer, but Ecomini book doctor, insisted on the seizure, his logic eventually started sounding like stupidity@law and so the concerned lawyers in the meeting eventually told him to stop being a goddamn baaga biiga! It is at this point that he is said to have flown off the handle, nearly tearing off the jaw of someone close to him.

The meeting ended on a sour note, I hear.

Now, in the wake of the bayla trap that awaits Alubuntu from Esther Kubi’s end, and the possible gangsterism that awaits him at the end of Amoatia the Swag-on-papa king of Kyebi, Alubuntu is stuck.

And Ziboyim, you people don’t forget already this tugyimi government has eaten back its vomit over IMF and extended the rescue mission for Ghanaman. You know IMF – no borrowing, no recruiting – that’s their anthem!

How then is Alubuntu supposed to achieve all the super promises he has made – one district, one factory, one village, one dam…even one fisherman, one sea?!

But you see, even as I do not envy Alubuntu at all, I also don’t pity him. Sebio tafrakye, they say, ‘the stupidity of a man does not kill him; it makes him sweat.’ But what about, ‘the stupidity of the elephant?….

Atakpa, don’t give me that silly look. Look, the fallout that is rearing means that when Alubuntu, second in command of this tugyimi government of family, friends and girlfriends, spent huge tax payer money to carry so many people to Kung Fu Land to do barter with Okyeman’s bauxite, he had not informed anybody, not even the Okyehene!

What kind of stupidity is that? And now that that stupidity of this tugyimi elephants government has aroused the thug life in Okyeman’s Tupac Shakhur look-alike, you want poor Esther Kubi to pay.

Me Kofi Abodwepim Nyantomango, I urge Esther Kubi to pull Alubuntu by the balls to court if he and his tugyimi government do not take off their hands from that concession in Nyinahini. After all, hasn’t Woyome proved that this self-professed government of lawyers akukudam is fightable?

More so, hasn’t Alubuntu himself, boasted that he too he has big balls – “sebi, sebi adie no Onyame ma obiaa mienu, mienu…obiaa nneho a ne die ye baako!”…over to you Esther Kubi, puulll!

But, but, but let me ask you people, who, in the whole monkey show, staged to rob Esther Kubi to pay Kung Fu, was the most clownish in the great dance of yaakaamao? Methinks its Peter-the-Rock Amewu!

I mean, under a government that is preaching, ‘one A, one B’ is it not very clownish for Amewu alone to have one mouth, three different vows? First it was, ‘Esther Kubi has a valid contract,’ to ‘Esther Kubi almost has a contract,’ through to, ‘Esther Kubi’s contract is canceled because her papers are not complete’!

Aaaah, a Minister who speaks as chief, and contradict himself as linguist; is that one too a Minister?

Yesterday, I saw a baby elephant complained bitterly on TV that because of Peter-the-Rock Amewu, NPP now appears to smack of a Nonfa People’s Party!…

Hahaha, eekeke vor!



Source: therepublicnewsonline.com/ Kofi Nyantomango

The Republic News Online

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