…Camera, light, ready: Action!…..Kumkumbaghyaaaaa!

Okay. It has come to pass already that Muguyaro’s wife exercised superior wisdom and traveled all the way to India to take selfies with the KKB characters; after that Fulani chick had insulted JM as, “the most useless President ever!”

Ei… Smh.

But you see, when monkeys cameo in movies, they usually are harbingers. And so, me, Kofi Nyantomago, I was not surprised one bit, when right on the heels of Hajia Borrowmia’s visitation to Kumkumbaghya hometown, Indiana Jones himself followed down to Flagstaff House.

According to the official announcement, Ghandiland is celebrating independence and so Indiana Jones came bearing gifts; 1million Donaldtrumpic dollars that Amega Alubuntu himself had to receive! Eeeh?

Well, our elders only said we should beware of the Greeks who come bearing gifts, didn’t they? They never cautioned about an Indiana Jones who comes bearing Donaldtrumpic dollars.

But check out the photos; a dummy cheque, plastic smiles, a handshake, and…hey, wait a minute; is Indiana Jones really looking down at Alubuntu? heeerh!

Ah well, that’s what you get when you let kapoypoys rep you in this modern world, where politics is no longer show business for ugly people.

But come of it people, what is wrong with Amega himself accepting a donation of $1million on a fat dummy cheque for the renovation of the Flagstaff House even if the seat of government cost $135million to build?

The renovation of Hajia Borrowmia’s bungalow alone cost $1million in March, and so what? Massa, kitwaa biara nsua!

The last time I checked it is still not a crime to have 110 ministers and be accepting peanuts in person, you know! Besides, you forget that the Indiana Jones, who is giving $1million towards renovation of Flagstaff House is the same Indiana Jones who credited Ghanaman with the $130million to build that edifice.

If years into spending all that opipipipipiiii to put up that hen-coopic structure, Indiana Jones feels guilty over the fact that that building was leaky at the time it was handed over to Ghanaman, and wants to return some of the $135million that was made off us, why should it be difficult for Amega to do the ‘me huri sor’?

Besides, Kutuku, don’t forget that Amega’s Minister for Foreign Affairs, who, under normal circumstance, should have hosted Indiana Jones was going through an emotional upheaval around the same time Indiana Jones came calling. Oh yes, I mean Botchway Yorks; who else?

Have you not heard that her lover-boy was in police grip for fraud? How did the Koti people even describe the crime that he had been arrested for,…errm… oooh…yes; blackmailing by creeping up panties!

Faith Mensah Tekpor, sexy agombia hunter, usually posed as a medical doctor to charm rich women, the Koti people said.  According to the same Koti, his alter egos included Dr. Jeff Alvin Addow, Dr. Alvin Owusu, Dr. Alvin Annan, Dr. Fiifi Owusu, Dr. Collins Amoah and Dr. Alvin Mensah.

It is not clear if Botchway Yorks had also fallen for one of Tekpor’s alter egos, but it is reported that she was once romantically involved with him. This is why things did not look good for Botchway Yorks when Indiana Jones was in town.

The Koti people said that guy was a dirty-minded alley cat; they said he acted blue film with his victims and then turned round to use the devil cartoons to blackmail for money! Baaaad man!

Birds are whispering in town, but, as for me, I don’t know ooo…I only heard that Botchway Yorks was fleeced of some dollars this way. Whew; imagine Botchway Yorks in agombia video; sheeeegey!!

‘Change your style, be like that; Botchway Yorks be like that, Change your style!’….

That reminds me; is it really true that Citizen Vigilante too sometime ago made advances at Dr. Val but failed? …Ei, nsem wo world ooo.

I can only imagine Alamisi Benz K, rapping … the bombastic words; heerh!

‘Oh baby lass sweetie Val, my pumpkin she-woman called Sawya. It is me the lawyerly Alamisi. I am gargantuanly in love with you and am prepared to prove it. Please let me be your private vigilante; and the Citizens can go to hell!

‘As you have Woyomised my heart, I am happily guilty of Judgment Debt!’

Oh, why tweaaa? I sincerely believe that even Papa J will melt at such a letter. Yes Sir, as I believe that I can fly, I believe that Papa J too can be romantic. Because remember that even though he booms like a volcano, JJ, like all men, had to run Mother FONKAR before he could get her to be his wife. But emom’, Nana K too she dey paa oo, married to a volcano and loving it all these years!

And last week, that volcano called Papa J, alias Jaato J, erupted again; or did he really shrill as Dr. Val claimed? Whatever, at the end of the day, it was still about the same animal called ‘integrity’ that only Papa J and his wife have as pet, was it not?

But fellow Ghanamaniacs, up till now I have not really been able to understand that kind of integrity ooo. Because this type of integrity is too confusing for my small head to understand – eeeh!

I mean what kind of integrity refuses to speak up against the Kukruduu government which is superintending over strange fuel contaminations, kenbondings and armyworms invasions of yombo dyed hairs of awingaa ministers, even though it readily and constantly spoke against a similar Kukruduu government in the past?

Or is it that Jaato J has a soft spot for Alubuntu but hated JAK the sexy eyes? Oh, but was it not this same Alubuntu who tried to jail Mother FONKAR over corruption? Ah well, our elders have long said that in politics there are no permanent friends or permanent enemies.

As we can all see, these days even Papa J’s own Akatamanso is his enemy!

Koo Kum tells me that it is Papa J’s unbridled hatred for his own Zu Za that has made him blind to the drama happening in Kukruduu. He swears that if Junior Jesus, was really himself, he would have spoken up against what Amega’s cousin, Ataa Ofori, is doing with our Commercial Bank, for instance.

Everybody knows Super Pastor extorted collection in the name of Jesus and invested it into Kapital. If Jesus, who lashed gamblers in synagogues appears to be paying Super Pastor in his own coin, how come Junior Jesus cannot speak up?

Or Junior Jesus forgets that the original Yesu Kristo lives in Heaven, and he, JJ, is the junior staff of the Messiah on earth here and therefore has the responsibility to ensure that Super Pastor does not take advantage of the people to recoup church collection that he invested into Kapital Bank?

Why should we the people of Ghanaaman even bail out Super Pastor? And to think that Ataa Ofori is using our pension money!

Worse, Kapital Bank had been run into the ground by this same Super Pastor who had insulted JM as incompetent, even though JM’s lead of 27million Ghanamaniacs had not ended up in kontonkyi.

But there we are, Papa J will not speak up because of his newfound love for Alubuntu; even if, it is this same Alubuntu, who deprived him of diplomatic courtesies and made him carry his luggage at Kotoka, like a disappointed kayayo, some time ago.

Anyway, it is this same Amega Alubuntu who has kept on that arrogant blabber, Ahomka as Assistant Trade Minister, even though Ahomka has proved to be a notorious buffoon.

It is not too long ago that Ahomka vandalized Ghanaman’s proverbial hospitality and insulted Diasporan investors as whiners, is it? Isn’t it very outrageous that it is this same Ahomka guy who went before Parliament to lie about the Komenda Sugar Factory?

Oh, how can a whole Assistant Trade Minister not know that Sugar factories produce sugar and not refine imported sugarcane water? But there you are, even after he had lied before Parliament, he is still a member of the kitchen cabinet of Alubuntu, the short Amega of Ghanaman.

But why am I even surprised when this same Amega Alubuntu’s Assistant is Muguyaro? I almost forgot that Muguyaro was in his element again during the week and somersaulted from his earlier position on borrowing.

Dr. Borrowmia now says that borrowing is not bad! Ei!

But such is our lot nowadays. I believe in the coming days, Ghanamaniacs must expect worst because this kumkumbaghya script has only begun unfolding.



Source: therepublicnewsonline.com

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