Next NDC Gov’t To Introduce Free University Education – NDC Activist

The next government of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) will introduce free Public University Education to enable as many as possible qualified Ghanaians who want the facility to have access to tertiary education free to have a better chance of getting good jobs to be responsible citizens.

An NDC 2016 Parliamentary Contestant of Awutu- Senya East, Mr. Daniel Awer, stated emphatically that NDC will introduce the policy, in line with the constitution of Ghana, which stipulates that education shall be progressively free.

Speaking to pressmen at a press briefing at Odupong Ofaakor, in the Central Region, Mr. Awer noted that the Great Osagyefo, Late President Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, was the first leader to introduce free education in the northern part of the country, followed by Ex-President Jerry John Rawlings, who brought free education at the JHS level and now President Nana Akufo-Addo also moving upwards to free SHS.

Mr. Awer noted that all these show the beauty of democracy, where each party always has something new to bring on board, adding that in 2020 when NDC comes back to power free education will be introduced for more graduates to be produced with entrepreneurial background to survive in the competitive labor market of the day.

He noted that, although the policy of free education is supposed to be totally free, the reality on the ground is that, certain basic items and belongings are not for free and so parents cannot totally escape from the expenditure on their wards.

He said there is no need for any NDC member or sympathizer to say that the government cannot implement free SHS, and rather they should be proud that NDC under Mills and Mahama built unprecedented number of schools that is accommodating the present increases in school population due to the free SHS policy.

Mr. Awer further noted that a committee should immediately be put in place to revive private SHS which the free education in public SHS has come to collapse before the situation becomes even worse.

Mr. Awer also suggested that the implementers of the free SHS should also be careful not to sacrifice quality education in the name of free SHS.

He said it is because NPP rushed in bringing the program due to political reasons that is why so many parents have been disappointed as their children could not get placement and also frustrated because they chose first class schools where influential people pay for favors over ordinary people whose children may even perform better.

He also noted that there is a serious problem with high student numbers and low number of teachers ratio that need to be looked at by experts, instead of political propagandists on radio and TV in order to put the program right awaiting NDC free University Education in 2020.

He said for the one district, one factory policy,  it is just a loose political talk that should be regarded as such, because the single cassava factory that NPP built for Awutu people at Bawjiase in the Central Region was a total failure and fiasco as it has since collapsed, so it is difficult to believe that the same NPP will now come back to build any credible factory, stressing that it was a deceptive claim to win the 2016 elections for the sake of just winning the polls and not an intention to get the youths any jobs.

He said there is no need to make unnecessary noise on policies that any government introduces but the most important thing is to make sure that the program works for the good of all manner of Ghanaians, stressing that else NDC would have been making much noise over Farmers Day Awards and many other time-tested and flagship programs and projects it introduced, as NPP makes noise on the free SHS, which is less than a week old, with an alleged release of only 10 per cent funds which, according to sources, is just paper announcement whilst SHS authorities are left wondering in fear when the remaining whopping 80 per cent funds will be released by government to the schools .

Mr. Awer noted that the next NDC government will continue to build more boarding facilities for more free SHS students to stay at the schools for efficient and quality learning, and then after, they will move into free varsity and technical varsities across the entire nation for the benefit of all, as NDC is the true architect of quality education in Ghana.




Source: Okae

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