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Sanction Ade Coker and Sam George, says party guru
An executive member of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the Tema East branch of the party, Stephen Ashitey Adjei, has called for punitive action against two of the party’s front-men over what he says is unbecoming behavior.

He says the Greater Accra Regional Chairman, Joseph Ade Coker, and the MP for Ningo Prampram, Samuel Nartey George, have thrown a spanner into a healing process within the NDC by publicly going at each other in spite of existing processes within the party to solve issues.

“I won’t repeat the insults that the two hurled at each other because it is not a sign of modern civilization, I have always said that insulting others is not intelligence, because intelligence is about debates and discussions and since punishment is for correction, it would be a good idea if Ade Coker and Sam George are punished to serve as a deterrent to others. But I think it is incumbent on our national executives to nip their misbehaviour in the bud at this time that we are trying to heal our party… the last thing that we need now is drama that will further tear us apart.

“I call on the national executives of our party to discipline them for the indiscipline that the two of them have shown,” Mr. Ashitey Adjei, who is popularly called Moshake, said in an interview in Tema last Friday.

His call was in regard of a shocking war of words that last week broke out between Chairman Ade Coker and Hon. Sam George. While Ade Coker had called Sam George “mad,” Sam George had lumped Ade, together with the Greater Accra regional executives of the party, and called them “useless.”

Mr. Coker has since said he, together with all the Greater Accra regional executives, will journey to Sam George’s constituency to get him to explain to them why they are useless.

Interestingly, the insults had been sparked on a leg of a healing tour that Presidential aspirant, Sylvester Mensah, is said to have organized for the Greater Accra Region. Sam George is reported to have, without provocation, condemned the Greater Accra regional executives of the party as useless.

Apparently, Mr. George had called them so in the heat of blaming them for the party’s massive loss in the region during the 2016 general elections. It was in response to Sam George’s insult that Ade Coker had also gone on radio to respond that Sam George was mad.

Sam George has since posted a sarcastic congratulation to Ade Coker on his Facebook Timeline, asking visitors to the Timeline to Clap for Ade Coker for replying him with insults.

“This is very shameful for the party and totally unhelpful to our cause to close our ranks and work towards victory in 2020. The question is if even the leading figures of the party are behaving this way, what are we the rest of us down here supposed to do?

“It is not only those up there who have been disappointed by the party; many of us down here were not treated well by our own party, but who stands to gain if we all decide to go at each other the way Sam George and Ade Coker are doing?” Moshake asked.

He said, as for him, he is aware of the fact that the Council of Elders of the party have ordered all party people with grievances to keep quiet so that the party can address them after a reconciliation process has been initiated.

“If we those down here are going by the edict and those up there are misbehaving this way, then the party has a responsibility to whip everybody into line. Unless the party leadership wants us to believe that the order for us to peacefully sort out issues was only a joke.”

Moshake pointed out that indiscipline like what Ade Coker and Sam George have exhibited is what cost the NDC the 2016 elections.
“Party structures were not followed, while all sorts of strange campaign groupings emerged in the party. We owe it to ourselves to end this indiscipline,” he said.

He also called on former President Mahama to give way for someone else to lead the party.
According to him, he is not one of those who believe that a re-run of President Mahama in 2020 is good for the party.

“We know of all the corruption tags that the NPP has assembled in wait for him; in fact, the NPP from next year going will try to prosecute as many Mahama appointees as possible to deepen impression that Mahama was corrupt. We don’t need that baggage.

“I also believe that, in 2020, Vice President Bawumia will be put up by the NPP to run. If President Mahama also runs, then it means that the whole country would be deprived of a Presidential choice in a Southerner and I don’t think this is right.

“Besides, I believe President Mahama has had his days in the sun, he has been MP, Deputy Minister, Minister, Vice President and President already; it would be better for him to bow out now that the applause is loud rather than return to the campaign trail where all sorts of corruption allegations can be sprang to spoil his legacy,” Moshake said.

The NDC executive member pointed out that the NDC has a rich endowment of Presidential materials to lead the party to victory if President Mahama does not run.


Source:therepublicnewsonline.com / Stan Adotei

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