NDC stops biometric registration

The opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) has announced it will scrap its biometric membership register to pave way for re-registration.

The Greater Accra Regional Chairman of the party, Ade Coker, who made the announcement during the party’s unity walk, said the biometric register is one of the causes of the party’s defeat in the 2016 election.

“We are now going to ensure that the biometric registration which contributed to our downfall is going to scrapped and a better system put in place so that the true NDC people will be identified,” Ade Coker said, when he addressed teaming members in Accra last Thursday.

Ade Coker, who was speaking during the party’s Unity Walk, said scrapping the biometric system will bring sanity into the NDC’s register.

According to him, the current register is ridden with errors and problems which need to be addressed before the party begins internal elections.

“Of course we have had difficulties with the integrity of our register. We have evidence of individuals whose membership of the NDC is doubtful on the register. We have had complaints from people to the effect that their names have been omitted from the register. So it is a fact that the register has challenges so there is a need for some work to be done on this register,” he added.

The NDC prior to the December 7, 2016 general elections commenced the registration of its members through a biometric system targeting to capture about 1.5 million members of the party.

Meanwhile, there were complaints that some non-NDC members took advantage of the biometric registration to be captured on the NDC’s voter’s database.

Despite this the leadership of the NDC ignored the complaints and advice.

They subsequently lost power to the New Patriotic Party in a historic defeat.

The ditching of the biometric system is seen as very positive and would be extended to calls on the Electoral Commission of Ghana to also do something about the biometric system which elected President Akufo-Addo into office amidst a hacking.

In what has led to Akufo-Addo being described as a computer generated President, the EC’s electronic transmission system for poll results had been hacked into in 2016, leading a shocking victory margin of over 900,000 votes for Akufo-Addo.

Prior to that vote, three South African ex-cops who had been secretly brought into the country to train NPP party security had been arrested with detailed information on the EC’s data transmission system.



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