NDC launches political training school

The opposition National Democracy Congress (NDC) will today launch its political school christened the Ghana Institute of Social Democracy (GISD). The motto of the school is ‘Freedom, Equality and Solidarity.’
The launch would be held at the party’s headquarters at Adabraka in Accra. The occasion will also be used to inaugurate the institute’s Programmes Committee, Academic Affairs Committee, Administration Committee, Finance Committee and Estate Committee.

Policy Analyst with the NDC and committee member of the GISD, Mr. Kofi Kukubor, told the Times in Accra that the school aims to inculcate the principles and ideologies of the party to members and Ghanaians.

He said the school will focus on social democracy values and principles that would train and educate members, and conduct research for the party.

Mr. Kukubor hinted that Members of Parliament (MPs), party appointees and executives will be schooled on the philosophies and principles of the NDC.

He also said members and individuals who subscribe to join the NDC would be educated on the party’s ideologies and principles in order for them to understand what the NDC’s social democracy is all about.

“The first point of start is the Members of Parliament, party appointees, national executives all the way to constituency then the branch level because we need to train leadership in order to lead the members by propagating the ideas of the party,
“Also members and those who subscribe to be NDC members would go through basic training,“ Mr. Kukubor indicated.

Mr. Kukubor said former government appointees, party functionaries and people who joined the NDC don’t know the ideologies and principles that the party was founded which he claimed had had negative effect on policy formulation, while the party was in government.

“We have appointees and people who have joined NDC and they say they are social democrats but they don’t know the principles and values of what social democracy is all about and that has even affected us when we were in government and also policy formulation because we realised that some policies that have been formulated in government violated the very value and principles we (NDC) stood for!” He said

Mr. Kukubor disclosed that some programmes will be party-centred and others won’t be party-centred so as to benefit individuals who aren’t members.

He mentioned programmes that the institute would run include the philosophy of the party, history of the party, history of Ghana, constitutional studies, party management, political communication, leadership skills, elections and electoral systems.

He hinted that colleagues in countries that are affiliate members of the Socialist Forum would be admitted so as to inculcate social democratic principles into them.(Credit: Ghanaians Times)

Source: therepublicnewsonline.com

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