NDC Has Brightest Chance In 2020– Sheikh Kundow



Sheikh Alhaji Yahaya Kundow, the Greater Accra Regional Treasurer for the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has said NDC has the brightest chance to snatch power from the ruling NPP in 2020.

The treasurer made the comment during  an interview withtherepublicnewsonline.com .

Focusing much on the Greater Accra , he said  the hardship that  Ghanaians are facing, made them to clamour for the return.

Alhaji Yahaya Kundow said going round in the region as part of the party  re-organisation, the aggrieved electorates in the constituencies that  the NDC lost to the NPP in election 2016, expressed regret for allowing anger to dictate to vote against NDC

He said they (electorates) promised to come out more than before and work assiduously to return all the lost NDC seats and to add to already huge number of seats the party had, to help bring back the NDC to power in 2020.

The Greater Accra Regional Treasurer, and the Region’s Chairmanship hopeful, per information, alleged that Ghana has come to a standstill, nothing seems to be working so everybody is crying of one thing or the other due to hardship.

Contractors, workers, and all kinds of service providers in the country are crying and expressing regret for changing the NDC government for the Nana Addo led NPP government who is making the country very difficult, he lamented.

Sheikh Alhaji Kundow also contradicted the CDD’s survey, which suggested that NPP could win should an election be conducted this year. He alleges the survey report was just skewed to favour the governing NPP.

He suspected CDD went to sample for their information in the strongholds of the NPP, where there were no way the people would say anything that will go against their party, NPP.

By this, he charged that if CDD wants to carry out with a credible survey, they should go to places like Abbossey Okai or business centres or market centres where people feel the punch and see if they (CDD) would gather anything that will favour the NPP.

Speaking on the ongoing branch elections in the Greater Accra Region, Alhaji Yahaya Kundow said the exercise was also part of the re-organisation which lots of people have expressed interest in taking up positions.

Responding to the call by some aggrieved party people that the entire constituency or regional or national executives should be wiped out, he replied that it would be very bad.

He humbly argued that such calls would directly and indirectly affect the chances of the party come 2020 elections, because the new crop of executives might not have the needed technical know-how to prosecute the set agenda 2020.

Alhaji Kundow was quick to agree that some executives needed to be changed for the penciled hard working ones to help bring back the NDC to continue with the better socio-economic and good development projects it started.

He also argued that the Greater Accra Regional NDC office is opned 24/7 since the party lost, and has been busy with series of meetings to ensure things are done properly ahead of subsequent elections of constituencies and the region after branch elections.

Sources:the republic news online/ Elikplim K. Awuyeh

The Republic News Online

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